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How to Water Your Plants Properly

Spring is an enticing time for people to bring fresh greenery into their homes. Perhaps it is the desire to reconnect with nature after the winter months, but according to Garden Center Magazine, 41 percent of independent garden centers report their largest sales of houseplants during the season. With the increase in sales comes an

The Future of Building Design

One of the latest building design trends to sweep the globe is known as biophilic architecture. The trend was gaining momentum pre-Covid, but is truly flourishing today, as people have a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors. Biophilic design, derived from the Greek origin meaning ‘a love of life or living things,’ integrates nature and

2022-04-22T12:38:24-07:00April 5th, 2022|Biophilic Design|

Renowned Biophilic Designer Sonja Bochart Partners with Plant Solutions to Help Clients Connect with Nature

Sonja Bochart is a biophilic designer, as well as speaker, educator, and writer, with over 25 years of experience creating healthy and meaningful environments using natural elements. She uses the principles of biophilia, biophilic architecture, sustainability and mindfulness to create all-encompassing places of wellness. “One of the aspects that I enjoy most in my work

2022-04-06T12:23:41-07:00March 24th, 2022|Biophilic Design|

Plant Solutions Co-Owner Pat Mahan’s Vision for The Grand at Papago Park Center

Lincoln Properties Brings Biophilic Design to the Forefront of its Development In December 2019, longtime Plant Solutions client, Lincoln Properties, was looking to incorporate nature into its newest venture, The Grand at Papago Park Center. This Class A office building is located at the border of Tempe and Phoenix, standing nine stories and comprised of

2022-08-03T11:49:40-07:00March 22nd, 2022|Biophilic Design|

How Plants Help Combat Springtime Allergies in Arizona

If you’re living in Phoenix, you could be one of the more than 30% of our population who struggles with springtime allergies, and you might understandably look to avoid coming into contact with as many plants as you can. But did you know that some plants can actually help combat springtime allergies? We know it

2022-03-21T14:55:48-07:00March 21st, 2022|Indoor Landscape, Plant Health & Wellness|

Can Indoor Plants Boost Your Home’s Resale Value?

Indoor Plants Indoor plants are often used to make buildings more enticing. From skyscrapers to multi-family dwelling units or your own home, including greenery and vibrant colors is not only eye catching, but it can make a space look more friendly. In existing buildings, indoor plants can soften harsh lines in the built environment, making

Inspiring a Sense of Awe Within the Built Environment

Imagine traveling to Alaska to spend a cool night, gazing wide-eyed as the Aurora Borealis dances in the sky above you. How would you feel at that moment? How would you physically and emotionally respond to seeing one of the greatest wonders of the natural world? Maybe your eyes widen, your jaw drops slightly or

2022-03-21T14:55:37-07:00February 18th, 2022|Biophilic Design|

The Father of Biodiversity on Biophilic Architecture

Edward O. Wilson was an American biologist, naturalist and writer whose work brought biodiversity to the mainstream. Throughout his long career, he became an expert on insects and devoted time to studying how elements of the natural world influenced animal behavior. Wilson recently passed away in December 2021, and we at Plant Solutions honor his

2022-02-10T15:01:57-07:00February 10th, 2022|Biophilic Design|

A New Take on Employee Well-being

Bring the outdoors inside to reduce employee stress The new year is the perfect time to take stock of employee productivity and engagement, and with that, evaluate opportunities to improve employee satisfaction and happiness. Now, more than ever, consideration of employee well-being is crucial to the creation of a work environment where your staff –

2022-02-04T14:05:11-07:00February 4th, 2022|Uncategorized|

Bringing Biophilic Design to a University Setting at ASU

Arizona State University, named most innovative university by U.S. News & World Report for seven years running, actively supports sustainability education and research on local and global levels. This dedication to advancement extends to emulating nature’s answer to everyday challenges. It is that dedication that keeps Joe Zazzera, ASU alumni and co-owner of Plant Solutions,

2022-02-02T15:14:24-07:00January 31st, 2022|Biophilic Design|
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