For 40 years, Plant Solutions has been providing interior landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to keep homes and offices green and healthy.

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We know that the presence of plants in the home and workplace reduces stress, increases productivity, and generally makes the environment more pleasant. Just like our name says, we are committed to delivering beautiful plant solutions that are also practical. We use the highest quality plants to complement any architectural style or environment. If you are interested in interior landscape design and installation, check out all that Plant Solutions has to offer.

Interior landscape design is the practice of arranging and creating a space for living plants in an indoor environment. Plants can be a powerful and beautiful presence in your home or office, so creating an interior landscape design can make your space more beautiful and functional. Plant Solutions offers interior landscaping including interior plant design and installation so you can have a green oasis in your space.

What is Interior Landscape Design?

Your Design

Your Design

We have horticultural experts that can create an indoor plant design that works perfectly with your space, meeting your needs and desires. When designing your interiorscape, we take into account lighting, airflow, humidity, traffic flow, temperature changes, and anything else that will affect the health and well-being of your installation.

Some people use plants to create a living sound barrier in the office. Others bring plants indoors to beautify the entrance to their office. Plants can also improve a break room or meeting room in an office space. At Plant Solutions, we take your specific space and your desires into account as we create an interior plant installation that works with what you are looking for.

We don’t just do interior plant design. We can also provide a great outdoor plant installation for the exterior or your home or office. Outdoor living spaces like patios and terraces can be so much more than blank expanses of concrete—they can be made lush and colorful with live or replica plants or a combination of the two.

Getting Started with Your Ideas

Getting Started with Your Ideas

Plants transform cold concrete or hardwood into a quiet place to relax. You can even add lighting and expand your night time entertainment areas. Plant Solutions can help you transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful plants and greenery. Whether the ideal solution for your workplace is a wall of greenery, unusual specimens, or the latest in traditional or contemporary containers, our designers will fashion just the right combination of plant types, sizes, colors and textures to complement the setting in which they are placed. Let’s take a look at how plant design and installation work when you work with Plant Solutions.

Step 1: Reach out to us! Call us at 480-585-8501 or email us to let us know you are interested in our plant design services. When you reach out, tell us a bit about what you are looking for in your plant design.

Step 2: We will come to you, and figure out your exact needs and wants. Our designers will make a site visit and create a layout and proposal that considers just the right elements for your unique environment: lighting, locations, color and just the right combination of artificial and live plants best suited to reflect the feeling you are trying to achieve. We also take into account the maintenance that will be needed for your plant design.Maintenance can be minimized with proper planning and selection of plants.

Step 3: Next, we will do the work of preparing your perfect plant design. The best part about this step is that you don’t have to do anything! Our experts will prepare and create the perfect plant landscaping for your space.

Step 4: Finally, we will bring your indoor plant scape to you. Set-up, delivery, and installation are all handled by our highly trained staff. We will coordinate with your schedule to determine the best time. Our team of installers is always careful to protect from any damage upon installation.

For a seamless integration of plants to all your living spaces, you can rely on Plant Solutions to help you. We are fortunate to have some of the industry’s most imaginative horticultural designers, who continually surprise and delight us with their inventiveness.


Biophilic design is defined as design that connects us to nature.

This type of design can help reduce stress, improve thinking and creativity, and increase the overall well-being of people. This is because humans have a connection to nature. This human connection to nature is known as biophilia, and it explains why something as simple as incorporating plant life into the office can have such impressive effects. At Plant Solutions, we believe in the power of incorporating plants into interior design.

We think that biophilic design is the way of the future, and that is why we are starting to help people embrace nature indoors. Through our services like interior landscape design, indoor plant wall creation, and MossWallArt™, we help people embrace biophilia in places they may not normally have access to nature like an office building.

In fact, MossWallArt is a creation of Plant Solutions. Our MossWallArt was born from the desire of clients to have low maintenance live plant installations for their office spaces. At Plant Solutions, we are constantly innovating and creating new ways to embrace nature indoors. Our MossWallArt is just one way that we do this. We can also do this by creating a customized plant design and installation in your office space so that you can start to think about the beauty of biophilic design


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