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Transform your space with
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Plant Walls

Elevate your current space with our
vertical plant or succulent walls

Plant Rental

Enhance any space with
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Holiday Solutions

We design and install custom holiday
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We offer custom built artificial’s
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Workplace Wellness

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or MossWallArt


We work hand-in-hand with architects and interior designers to bring high quality, unique and beautiful plants into any space. Plants have a powerful impact, elevating the design and blending the natural and built environment into one.

Phoenix Plant Design Services
Phoenix Plant Installation Services


  • Our expertise guarantees precision with any install.
  • When you work with us you have peace of mind.
  • We are professional and precise with any install.


Only half of our job is done at install. We work with the clients to map out daily maintenance plans and long-term upkeep solutions, as well as ways to customize the plants over time. It’s part art, part science.

Phoenix Horticultural Services
Interior Landscaping - nice looking lounge area



More and more research confirms the link between proximity to nature and workplace productivity, concentration, and creativity. The science of biophilia is redefining the modern workplace. Plant Solutions is revitalizing the corporate office throughout Arizona and making employees happier along the way.


Selecting the right plants for the home starts with understanding the needs of the people (and pets) that live there. Plants add vibrancy to any room, improve the air quality, and boost the physical and mental health of its inhabitants.



Outdoor spaces that are an extension of the interior shouldn’t be an afterthought. Patios and rooftops are gathering places that people gravitate to. Plant Solutions has the knowledge of plants that thrive in Phoenix’s outdoor environments and can customize on any scale—residential or commercial.

Phoenix Exterior Plant Installations
Phoenix Plant Walls

Plant Walls

Dramatic plant walls can stop you in your tracks. In an interior space, floor to ceiling plants create an unexpected sensory experience and remind us of the beauty of nature and the power of art. At Plant Solutions, we have the expertise to design plant walls that need irrigation and those that are lower maintenance.


Whether you are looking for a living wall for your restaurant or a stunning plant wall for your reception area, Plant Solutions does it all. We incorporate carefully chosen plants and design to meet your needs.


Although aesthetically similar to living plant walls, moss walls are made with dehydrated moss that is rehydrated with glycerin, creating one-of-a-kind artwork that does not require daily maintenance or water. They are an excellent option when the space is limited in natural light and not conducive to living plants.

Phoenix Plant Rentals

Many of our clients choose Phoenix Plant Rentals over purchasing. There are a number of benefits to our monthly options. Phoenix Plant Rental services can be a lower investment, provide more flexibility, and come with built-in maintenance.

Phoenix Plant Rentals
Phoenix Holiday Plant Decorations


We know plants and we also know holiday decor. Plant Solutions designs holiday decor to add the right festive touch for any setting and style. And we make sure the lights always work.

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