As 2022 comes to a close, the business world is looking to 2023 and the trends that will keep them ahead. The way we work is constantly changing and, in the wake of work from home initiatives, the future of work will look significantly different than the past.

Biophilic Office Design as a Trend

The trends for the new year vary, depending on which list you’re reading. But a few showed up again and again – and implementing biophilic design into your office space can help accomplish all three.

Say Goodbye to Your Traditional Office Space

It’s not enough to just have a break room anymore. Employees are looking for a workplace that includes quiet spaces to focus on their tasks, inspiring spaces with comfortable and creative furnishings where they can escape, conversation nooks, event spaces and community spaces. These separate areas offer a variety of choices and experiences that will create more productive and happy employees. One of the best and most cost effective way researchers have found to build these spaces is through plants and greenery. We’ve talked about it before and we’ll talk about it again: plants reduce the symptoms of psychological and physiological stress. They can boost mood, creativity and productivity. So, say goodbye to cubicles and little rooms with microwaves and hello to plant filled stations that breakdown silos and provide human connection.

Greenwashing vs Sustainability: Do you stand with Biophilic Design?

Sustainability is an overused buzzword, but rightly so. But as companies feel the pressure to do more for the environment, they’re turning to solutions that can give a false impression of sustainability, which may be perceived as greenwashing. Biophilic design is not only about connecting people and nature, it also includes environmental considerations on the impact of the design. At Plant Solutions, our MossWallArt™ is Living Product Certified. To be Living Product Certified, a product must meet 20 specific requirements that show the manufacturing process did not harm ecosystems or water quality, did not use red listed materials, and  implemented an ethical supply chain. It’s not enough to just bring in a few plants. Plant Solutions goes beyond the mimimum requirements in providing its products and services.

It’s All About How You(r Employees) Feel

Over the past year, the working world has experienced “The Great Resignation,” where huge numbers of people quit their jobs. Did you know that office plants can help you avoid this problem? According to a study by BCO, 90 percent of employees consider their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are values by their employer. Businesses will be expected to offer fulfilling work, ongoing growth opportunities and attractive workspaces in 2023. With all the benefits that plants offer, including them in your office design is an easy way to show your employees you care.

The business world is changing. And Plant Solutions can help you stay on top of the trends that will provide opportunities for your business succeed – at least the ones that include plants and design. Call to schedule a consultation today.