Office Plant Designs Enhance Your Space

Office design is changing – and for the better. Designers are bringing in more creative furniture, better colors, dynamic lighting and, of course, plants into the workplace. Biophilic office plant design is becoming a staple in modern design philosophy. Here’s quick refresher on why office plants should be in your work space:

  1. Plants increase productivity

  2. Plants aid in mental recovery and stress relief

  3. Plants can replenish our attention capacity

  4. Plants can reduce absenteeism

There are lots of different ways to bring plants into your office. We specialize in plant walls, moss walls, and planter displays. If all of these options feel overwhelming, check out our gallery of past projects and get those inspiration juices flowing.

OfficePlant Walls

Plant walls are incredibly diverse. You can mix colors of plants to create patterns, use different plants to create interesting texture, or keep it simple and aesthetically place potted plants on layers of beautiful shelves. Your creativity is the only limit; we work with your ideas in mind to bring you a design that you’ll love. Here are some of our favorite Plant Walls.

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OfficeMoss Walls

Do you want an accent on your wall? How about a fun way to talk about how sustainable your business is? Or maybe a business sign to set you apart from your competitors? Then you want a MossArtWall. They are the perfect solution to subtly decorate your space with biophilic design.

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OfficePlanter Displays

If you’re looking for something more traditional, Plant Solutions can also design beautiful planters. These aren’t your average planters though. We can help bring a space to life or tell the story of your business.

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We Are Experts in Office Plant Design

If you are looking for any of these solutions (Office Plant Design, Plant Rental, MossWallArt™), then contact Plant Solutions today.