Plant Rental

What Is Phoenix Plant Rental?

Phoenix plant rental is designed to make the benefits of indoor plants accessible to all businesses. Plants are a beautiful addition to any indoor/outdoor space. Long term Phoenix plant rentals are perfect for:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospital and Healthcare Clinics
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Lobbies
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

Why Choose Phoenix Plant Rental?


With Phoenix plant rental, you can get all the benefits of indoor plants, without the high initial investment.

  • Plants remove toxins from the air.
  • Office plants boost moods and make people more productive.
  • Indoor plants remove stress and create calming environments.

Included Maintenance

Our team will personally oversee the upkeep of the plants so that they continue to grow and thrive.

Plant Rental
Rental Plants in Phoenix

What About Phoenix Plant Rental Cost?

Plant Solutions’ Phoenix plant rental program costs, including horticultural service, begin at $175 monthly. Our award-winning professional ongoing maintenance program is included with Phoenix plant rentals.

Access To Horticultural Experts

The experts at Plant Solutions will be able to recommend specific plants that will thrive in your particular environment and help you narrow in on your selection. We are the only company in the Phoenix area that does long-term plant rentals.

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