How Biophilia Helps Mental Health to Get Your Employees Through the Winter Slump

11 Jan | Biophilic Design

As winter takes hold across the country, plants may not be the only one’s wilting. It’s not uncommon for people to feel fatigue, sadness and have a hard time concentrating this time of year. We have an easy way for you to help your employees overcome their own winter slump: biophilia helps mental health problems.

Vacation Blues

When employees log back into their computer and remove the out of office auto responder, not everyone is bright-eyed and bushytailed. In fact, end of year holidays are taxing on a lot of people and it can spill over to the workplace. While minor, adding a new plant or two to the workplace environment can brighten moods and bring vibrancy to a room – providing a conversation starter for watercooler talk and vacation highlights.

Plant Breaks

The benefits of taking a brain break during the workday are scientifically proven, many times over. It can lead to increased productivity, improved mental health, and restored focus. Employers can encourage breaks with common areas filled with plants. Some companies even provide teambuilding opportunities to garden on-site. Giving the brain a break from the constant stimuli of the digital world by taking care of nature allows the brain to rest and recharge. But that’s not all. Research shows that simply touching the soil and smelling the plant boosts mood and reduces stress. Plants can help remove the “grind” mentality and give your employees permission to step back.

More Plants, Less SAD(ness)

In some, the winter slump is diagnosed as a medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder. According to Boston University, SAD impacts 10 million people annually with symptoms consistent with major depression. Colder temperatures and less sunlight can lead to fatigue, low energy and agitation. But plants can help. Plants have truly incredible psychological benefits. Indoor greenery has been shown to increase energy and creativity, decrease stress and improve focus. Plants have also been linked to physical benefits like lowering blood pressure, reducing fatigue and helping employees recover from illness faster. All of these benefits come together to combat SAD and improve your employees outlook at work.

Scientifically Speaking, Biophilia Helps Mental Health

People are drawn to plants because they improve health and wellbeing. We’re just wired that way and our bodies know it. At least that is how Kenneth Freeman, head of innovation at interior landscaping company Ambius, sees it. “It’s not that they produce oxygen,” he says. “Rather, we have a deep-seated psychological need to connect with nature. When you place animals in an alien environment, they show signs of stress. Animals are happy when you provide enrichment, and you make their environment as natural as possible.” For human beings, that means plants.

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