Horticultural Service

What’s Included In Plant Solutions Horticultural Service

  • Routine on-site maintenance to water, clean, prune, nourish, groom, and refresh plants
  • Plant replacement options while under our care
  • Pest control
  • Maintenance inspections from supervisors
Phoenix Horticultural Services
Horticultural Services in Phoenix

Comprehensive Horticultural Office & Home Solutions

We have been providing horticultural services, including design, maintenance, replacements, Phoenix Plant Rentals, and installations since 1981, so you never have to worry about the upkeep of your plants. We’ve got it covered.

  • Plant Solutions is your partner in bringing the outdoors into your interior space in a way that works for you.
  • We offer friendly, punctual, and expert plant maintenance by our horticultural specialists.
  • We ensure that your plants are fully maintained for optimal health so that they will continue to grow and thrive.

Let Our Experts Take Care Of Your Office & Home Plants

    Certain plants need certain types of environments to grow and thrive. Our horticultural experts in Phoenix will account for various elements in your environment, such as lighting, airflow, humidity, traffic flow, and temperature changes. All of these factors will affect your plants and whether or not they can flourish in your space. Our experience caring for plants in a variety of offices, lobbies, restaurants, and businesses across Phoenix, Arizona will ensure that your plants stay green, clean and thrive. 

    Horticultural Services in Phoenix, Arizona

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