Wellness In The Workplace

Biophilic Design For Workplace Wellness

All plant designs are customized for your space by using “the right plant-in the right place,” and taking into consideration your design aesthetic. Our biophilic office design specialists utilize proven scientific research and decades of experience to create workspaces that are calming, encourage focus, and promote health and wellness.

Benefits of Plants in the the Workplace

Purchase or lease movable plants, living plant walls or MossWallArt™ and enjoy these benefits:

  • They don’t require time-consuming construction or delivery.
  • They are friendly and welcoming, not cold and intimidating.
  • They clean the air and offer performance and health benefits.
  • They provide a safe physical barrier.
  • They offer flexibility and cost less than many other options.
Benefits of Plants in the Workplace
Phoenix Wellness in the Workplace

We Know Our Plants

We’re the experts in horticulture. With access to thousands of varieties of plants, we develop a custom plan that takes into account:

  • Lighting
  • Airflow
  • Humidity
  • Traffic flow
  • Space demands
  • Maintenance needs

From commercial to residential, live plants to alternate options, we do it all.

Upkeep Made Easy

Our horticultural team works in parallel with you on the design, installation and maintenance to extend the life of the plants. Each interiorscape project has a long‑term plan in mind before it’s even installed.

Wellness in the Workplace, Phoenix, Arizona