Are you ready for employees to safely return to the workplace?

Plant Solutions is an innovator and thought-leader in the world of biophilic design, so we understand how to evolve workspaces – make them new for the times in which we live.

Due to the new realities of the coronavirus pandemic, the open-plan office must change. Facilities managers, designers and building owners need to start planning strategies NOW to be ready for your workforce to safely return.

Does the thought of office barriers and changing workspace arrangements, and environmental cleaning seem daunting and expensive? It doesn’t need to be. Plant Solutions’ two-pronged approach will help you preserve your budget, ease your anxiety and get you back to work safely, quickly and cost-effectively during this challenging time.

Plant Solutions’ Approach

Movable and Flexible

Our People

Mobile plants, living plant walls and MossWallArt™ are innovative solutions designed to get your workforce back at work quickly and safely.

All designs are customized for your space by using “the right plant-in the right place,” and taking into consideration your design aesthetic. Our biophilic office design specialists utilize proven scientific research and decades of experience to create work spaces that are calming, encourage focus, and promote wellness while keeping employees safe.

Purchase or lease movable plants, living plant walls or MossWallArt and enjoy these benefits:

  • They provide a visual reminder to work safely.

  • They don’t require time consuming construction or delivery.

  • They are friendly and welcoming, not cold and intimidating.

  • They clean the air and offer performance and health benefits.

  • They provide a safe physical barrier.

  • They offer flexibility and cost less than many other options.

Environmental Disinfection

Our Promise

Current processes and equipment for cleaning only reach about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday’s cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. To ensure you maintain a biologically-safe environment for your people, we offer preventative measures that go above and beyond standard cleaning methods and protocols. By using our precautionary and preventative environmental disinfection services:

  • We destroy disease causing germs so you can avoid business disruptions by going beyond “clean” to protect your people, place and business purpose with touch-less, workplace disinfection treatments that kill disease-causing germs.

  • We use technologies in new ways to ensure your space is clean. Electrostatic spray technology is a process that places an electrical charge on sanitizers and disinfectants to evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean. This process ensures 360° surface coverage with 60% less chemicals applied in 30% of the time.

  • We create a safe space for everyone by using EPA approved hospital-grade virucidal agents. These are safer than bleach yet deadly for all infectious pathogens. Coupled with an electrostatic charge, we are able to disinfect your facility much more rapidly with far less chemicals.



With almost 40 years of experience in providing living plant walls and MossWallArt™ to businesses in all industries, you can trust us to bring the best solutions to meet your needs.

Find out how Plant Solutions can help you get back to business. Contact us for a FREE consultation about workplace design solutions and environmental disinfectant in order to to keep your employees safe and productive when they return to the office.


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