Consider a Green Burial

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. At times we don’t get to choose how we leave this earth, but we can choose how we leave the environment.    While we’re alive, it’s the little, everyday things such as using a reusable water bottle, recycling, conserving water and electricity, and making sustainable choices that can help

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Plant Solutions Contributes to Phoenix Becoming a Biophilic City

  Plant Solutions is advancing the human nature connection in communities by incorporating biophilic design into local businesses, homes, and communities. “We start from the assumption that nature, and contact with the natural world, are not optional. The human-nature connection is essential to leading a happy, healthy, meaningful life”, says Joe Zazzera of Plant Solutions.

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Plant Solutions Provides Context for Capital Expenditures in Real Estate Asset Management

Interiorscapes as Capital Expenditure SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – August 24, 2021 – Plant Solutions, a Scottsdale-based leader in interior landscape design, installation and maintenance, is providing a new perspective on formal budgeting use in fixed assets and property management, known as capital expenditures (CapEx). “Plants, greenery, moss walls – they can all be incorporated using capital

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Vertical Green Walls are Sprouting up Everywhere!

Eco-Friendly Vertical Green Walls What do chic boutiques, renowned museums, swanky hotels, and private residences have in common? They’re all sprouting vertical green walls that many people consider true works of plant art! Whether inside or out, freestanding, or attached to buildings, vertical green walls are an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to bare, boring walls. They’re also

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What Can We Learn From The Most Successful Biophilic Offices?

What do the world’s most successful companies have in common? A passionate workforce, strong leadership, a dynamic product—and plenty of plants. Step inside the offices of Google, Amazon, Airbnb, and Etsy and you’ll be greeted with lush greenery and nods to biophilic design at every turn. And for good reason: Nature-inspired design continues to prove effective at

Interiorscaping with Potted Plants

Potted plants can add a lot to your interior space, whether it is your home or office. Plants offer a lot of benefits, and they are a great way to decorate your space. Learn more about what an interiorscape with potted plants is and how you can create one below. What is Interiorscaping, and Why Should

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What is Interior Landscaping?

Interior landscaping is the art of designing, installing, and caring for plants in an enclosed environment. Interior landscaping creates an overall pleasant environment by using natural colors, focal points, ornaments, and sculptural elements. The indoor space gets “landscaped” by adding plants and planters to soften the angles of the room or to accentuate an architectural

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Urban Agriculture

Turning vacant city lots into farms The urban agricultural movement in this nation is progressing rapidly. Cities from New York to Seattle are combating economic struggles by turning vacant city lots into farms and feeding their impoverished neighborhoods with locally grown foods. Urban agriculture is the practice of growing plants and raising animals within or

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Conference and Expo

Plants for clean air message is spreading around the world Again this year Green Plants For Green Buildings had the opportunity to spread its message at the GreenBuild Conference and expo in Chicago. GPGB along with FNGLA (Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association) and NFF (National Foliage Foundation) shared a booth in the expo gallery

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