What Is MossWallArt?

Living MossWallArt pieces are made to Living Product Challenge certification standards, with 100% real mosses, lichens, natural woods, and organic features. Each piece is an original handcrafted work of art. We are the original architects of this maintenance-free alternative to living plant walls.

Moss Wall Art
Phoenix Moss Wall Art

Add A Unique & Beautiful Piece Of MossWallArt To Your Office or Home

MossWallArt creates dramatic spaces and sets a new bar for the extraordinary.

  • Mimics the natural beauty that surrounds us, bringing the outdoors inside and preserving a gorgeous moment in nature.
  • Incorporates infinite design possibilities, with different shades combined to create visually striking patterns.
  • Absorbs sound and creates a sense of calm in any environment.

We Create Your Custom MossWallArt

Whether for commercial or residential settings, our MossWallArt can successfully fulfill your vision. We stand behind every single piece we create. We are committed to leading the new and exciting developments in the living wall art world.

Enjoy It For Years

After we have finished completing your MossWallArt piece, we will set up a time to deliver and install it for you. We will ensure that your MossWallArt looks great, and all you have to do is enjoy it.

Moss Wall Art in Phoenix
MossWallArt hanging on office wall.

Where To Start?

Reach Out to Us

Call us at (480) 585-8501 or EMAIL US to set up a time to visit our showroom.

Visit Our Showroom

You can browse examples of MossWallArt to discover what you really love. Our gallery of work is diverse and encompasses a wide range of styles. We create our moss sculpture pieces in standard and custom sizes with the framing of your choice. During your visit, we’ll talk about your vision and the space you’d like to use for your piece, so we can deliver a unique piece that you will love.

Our showroom is located at:

7255 East Adobe Dr, Ste 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85255