Maureen Voloudakis: A Pioneer in the Phoenix Interiorscape Industry

The Interiorscape Industry is what it is today because of the innovation and dedication of individuals like Maureen Voloudakis. We couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to adopt the legacy of The Potted Plant into our family here at Plant Solutions. We are so honored to get to work with Maureen before

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We’re in “AWE” of the New Science Breakthrough in Biophilia

Discovering the Role of AWE in Biophilic Design and Well-being The key to better understanding why nature feeds our soul is in the science of biophilia. While traced back as far as ancient Greece, the actual study of biophilia is relatively new. Breakthroughs in the science continue, in fact, a significant one was just made

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The Upkeep of Plant Walls: Plant Solutions’ Irrigation Solution

Beyond Aesthetics The Benefits of Plant Walls Plant walls are striking and memorable. But there’s more to them than photo backdrops and "Instagrammable" content, much more. They improve air quality, reduce noise levels, and provide a calming backdrop to any environment. They work hard to improve a space so it’s important we work hard

Plant Walls: A History of the Green Aesthetic

Indoor plant walls are trending. Also known as green walls or living walls, you’re likely seeing much more of them in retail spaces. Here in Phoenix, we designed plant walls for local coffee shop Provision and Picazzo’s, a favorite pizza place. It’s an aesthetic business owners are incorporating more and more, but they aren’t

Plant Walls Enhance Work-Life Balance

Covid-19 changed the way we work, and we don’t just mean working remotely. The hot topic of work-life balance took center stage as people tried to figure out this new normal – and realized they liked it. Since the great return to the office, dress codes have relaxed, hybrid work is more common and, most

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How Biophilia Helps Mental Health to Get Your Employees Through the Winter Slump

As winter takes hold across the country, plants may not be the only one’s wilting. It’s not uncommon for people to feel fatigue, sadness and have a hard time concentrating this time of year. We have an easy way for you to help your employees overcome their own winter slump: biophilia helps mental health problems.

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Biophilic Design’s Role In The Future of Work in 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, the business world is looking to 2023 and the trends that will keep them ahead. The way we work is constantly changing and, in the wake of work from home initiatives, the future of work will look significantly different than the past. Biophilic Office Design as a Trend The

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Say Goodbye to a Stark Office and Hello to Biophilic Design

Office Plant Designs Enhance Your Space Office design is changing – and for the better. Designers are bringing in more creative furniture, better colors, dynamic lighting and, of course, plants into the workplace. Biophilic office plant design is becoming a staple in modern design philosophy. Here’s quick refresher on why office plants should be in

Have Yourself a Plant Solutions Christmas

The holiday install season is upon us! And we just finished decorating homes and businesses around the valley. We have eight different series that feature individually designed trees, wreaths, garlands, column sprays, poinsettias and branch displays. In order, the most popular Christmas decoration colors this year were: Champagne Toast A fusion of ivory, soft gold

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Light, Water and Air: The Science Behind Plants

Understanding how your plants work can keep them healthy. And, honestly, we find it so fascinating -- it’s why we do what we do! Caring for plants doesn’t take a green thumb, just understanding them better does. Let’s start with the basics. Through photosynthesis, plants can turn sunlight into sugar, which acts as energy for

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