The Power of Indoor Plants and Quantifying Nature for Optimal Health

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Indoor Plants and Health

Are you looking for ways to prioritize your mental and physical health with indoor plants? We all know that eating well, exercising, and caring for ourselves is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what if I told you there was another component to consider, one that is just as important but often overlooked: Nature! The rise in health issues, paired with the discovery that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, has heightened the awareness of how destructive being deprived of nature is. Science has confirmed that significant repairs are made to our physiological and emotional states when we foster our innate need to connect with nature. Many doctors have begun prescribing nature walks and time spent outdoors as preemptive alternatives to medications. How do you know if you’re achieving the correct dose of nature for optimal health? How can increasing indoor plants significantly impact your busy life when easy access to the outdoors isn’t available?

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How Science and Indoor Plants can work together to Achieve the Perfect Nature Balance

Scientists have developed The Nature Score, a groundbreaking metric, revolutionizing the way we understand and measure our connection to nature. With tools such as journaling and online calculators or apps that utilize satellite imaging to assess your interaction with foliage, tree canopy, and noise and air pollution, we can now get a quantifiable picture of the amount and quality of nature in our daily lives. But what do we do when we find we are deficient? Adding more outdoor activities to our routines would be the ideal solution, but this is not always feasible. That’s where indoor plants come in. Just as vitamins fill nutritional gaps, plants can help bring nature to us when we can’t go to nature and improve our well-being. Incorporating indoor greenery into our homes and workplaces can help us achieve peak health, even in urban environments where nature is limited. Understanding that every bit of natural connection helps, app developers have even begun a second phase that will merge your nature inspired indoor designs into your Nature Score with a simple video walk through of your home or office!


indoor plants and optimal healthIndoor Plants: A Supplement to Maximize Your Mental and Physical Health

The benefits of bringing nature indoors are incomparable when we spend as much time as we do inside. Simply being around plants will lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system, and enhance creativity, positively impacting relationships, work, and overall life satisfaction. Infusing greenery into the spaces you occupy makes them more beautiful and gets you closer to your health goals. A few ideas on how to do this tastefully and affordably are installing indoor plants in planters, using earth-inspired décor such as MossWallArt™, or even incorporating an innovative Green wall into your architectural designs. At Plant Solutions, we are passionate about the critical role of nature in promoting health and well-being. That’s why our expert Design Team is your best partner when making nature part of your interior space. With over 365 years of combined plant experience, our team of experts will work with you to understand your design vision and recommend the best indoor plant solutions that align with your aesthetic preferences and health goals.

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