A biophilic design trend in interior landscape design is MossWallArt. Although aesthetically similar to living plant walls, moss walls are generally made with dehydrated moss that is rehydrated with glycerin, creating a one-of-a-kind artwork that does not require daily maintenance and water. They are an excellent option when the space is limited in natural light and not conducive to living plants.

Moss walls can be customized to fit any space. Here’s what you need to know about this new trend in interior design and how it can benefit your business.

Why choose moss wall art for your commercial space?

MossWallArt™ is a beautiful and unique way to add greenery to your commercial space. It can help to create a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere for your employees and customers. As we know, studies have shown that plants can have a positive impact on mental health and productivity while also livening up and enhancing interiors.

The creativity connected with MossWallArt is limitless and can be highly customized to the business and the brand of that business. From large scale moss-filled logos to unique patterns that emulate scenic green views, the artwork can take many forms.

It’s also eco-friendly. The moss used is sustainably harvested and preserved using a non-toxic process.

Dramatic moss walls can stop you in your tracks. In an interior space, floor to ceiling plants create an unexpected sensory experience and remind us of the beauty of nature and the power of art.

How can Plant Solutions help?

The installation team at Plant Solutions can work with you to create a plan that fits your space and aesthetic. MossWallArt can be created in any shape or size, and can even incorporate branded elements. Plant Solutions also addresses the form and function of the piece of art – including for example acoustics. The moss absorbs sound waves, which can help to reduce noise and create a more peaceful environment.

How is moss wall art installed in a commercial space?

MossWallArt™ is easy to install and is assembled on a backing material, which can be made of wood, metal, or other materials. It’s then installed on the wall using a special mounting system. This special hanging system allows for the artwork to be easily moved and rehung.

Intrigued by MossWallArt™?

Reach out to Plant Solutions and together we can get the creative process started to visualize how moss wall art can transform your space.

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