Pop of Color: Plant Designs Don’t Have to Be Just Green

27 Jul | Architecture, Biophilic Design, Business, Design, Featured, Horticulture, Indoor Landscape

Plant Design adds life and energy to any architectural plan and can also create a functional haven that inspires a positive human experience. Regarding Plant Design, the traditional mindset is to think of green plants. While green is a perfect color, there are many other shades and colors that can breathe new life into indoor spaces. The expert team at Plant Solutions is here to offer a few of our tips and tricks on how to integrate color into your interior Plant Design.

Brilliantly Brave: Add Pots with Personality

Get ready to take your Plant Design game to the next level! Forget boring monochromatic planters and embrace the power of color containers to create stunning effects; the potential is anything but boring. By accentuating your Plant Design with gorgeous colorful containers, you can add personality and highlight critical elements of your project. Plants have always been a go-to for creating visual balance in our homes and workspaces; the right pot can take that to the next level. Get creative with versatile containers that work with any style or aesthetic. Endless combinations are available, whether adding planters that perfectly match your color palette or injecting bold and bright hues to spice up a neutral room. Start exploring the limitless possibilities of container planting and transform your working and living spaces into a beautiful retreat.

Plant design pots

Beyond Basic: Use plants with colored leaves

Think outside of the box of standard green Plant Design! Although the color green has proven to make people happy, there is a whole other world of enchanted, colorful plants that are rarely seen in Plant Design. From the silver, pink, and neon leaves of the Aglaonema Siam to the divine soft pink splashes of the Philodendron Pink Princess. Croton is another option with vibrant leaves in shades of yellow, red, orange, and green that can brighten any indoor space. The options don’t end here; luckily, Plant Solutions has specialists that can help you select the best plant that will thrive indoors and brighten up your Plant Design so you can indulge in the delightfully contrasting tones with extensive, breathtaking options.

Plant design Phoenix

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Breathtaking Blooms: Take advantage of flowering plants

Instead of relying heavily on artwork and furniture to build character, adding flowering plants to your Interior Plant Design is an excellent way to make your space bloom with energy. This strategy can allow you to provide your client with the timeless elegance of neutral pieces as a foundation but still provide a vibrant flare to energize the atmosphere with the ability to evolve with the seasons. Flowering plants such as bromeliads, orchids, and anthuriums create an ambiance of self-expression in any room with their eclectic colors and beautifully shaped petals.

Plant Designs

Plant Design

It’s time to break free from the traditional green mindset in Plant Design and explore the new realm of possibilities of vibrant colors and energy.  With these tips and tricks at hand this season, experiment with adding colorful pots or selecting plants with eye-catching leaves and flowers. Don’t limit yourself to green! Plant Solutions is here to help unleash your creative potential and bring your interior design project to life. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way, so let’s step outside the box and make something extraordinary together. Contact us today and let’s transform your indoor spaces into an extraordinary masterpiece!

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