The Power of Collaboration

5 Jul | Architecture, Design, Indoor Landscape, Interior Plant Maintenance

As an Interior Designer, have you ever walked into a space and felt something was missing? Despite the perfect color palette, great lighting, forward-trending furniture, and tasteful decor, the room still felt empty and lifeless. That’s where even the most experienced Interior Designers benefit from developing a relationship with a company like Plant Solutions. Collaboration with Interiorscape Professionals can elevate your ideas to the next level by providing expert design and maintenance of green spaces within buildings, which can include plants, living walls, and even indoor gardens. As a skilled Interior Designer, you know exactly how you want your completed project to look and feel, and we know how to make that happen with our extensive knowledge and plant experience.

Interior Design ChandlerProviding your Clients with the Power of Nature

Humans have an innate connection to nature that is tangible when they enter a space brought to life with plants. Studies prove incorporating natural elements into your client’s interior spaces will positively impact their well-being. Together we will innovate your vision to not only look gorgeous but also reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve indoor air quality, for its occupants. Interiorscape professionals have the knowledge and expertise to incorporate plant life into your designs to complement your overall aesthetic and enhance the user experience.

Interior Design elevated to be AWE-Inspiring

As an Interior Designer, there is nothing more rewarding than creating immersive designs that are both beautiful and functional for your client. Incorporating an element like a living wall will genuinely make an impression. Literally adding life to the structural component of space is a fail-proof way to create an AWE-inspiring first impression, stimulate a connection point for passing conversations, and foster a healthier environment for its inhabitants. Adding an element such as a living wall to your Interior Design portfolio may feel intimidating and labor intensive, but not when you have Plant Solutions on your team. We have spent the last 42 years innovating and perfecting the creation of living walls and employing an entire team of horticulturalists trained to keep them thriving and lush for years to come. Take advantage of the perfect opportunity to channel creativity and turn an empty space into something with showstopper capability!

Interior Design Service TempeBring life to your Interior Design Ideas without the Work

Partnering with Plant Solutions can give your clients a transformative greenery infused design without the stress of keeping it alive, because we provide a team to do that too! Maintaining green indoor spaces presents challenges, including lighting, humidity, and temperature control. Plant Solutions’ Horticultural Team has the knowledge and expertise to preserve plants and living walls in even the most challenging environments. We provide customized maintenance plans that fit the needs of your specific design, ensuring that the green spaces in your projects last long after design completion.

Teamwork Can Make Your Dreams Work

Interior Designers who build relationships with plant professionals, like Plant Solutions, diversify their skill sets and unlock the ability to reach the next level with their projects. With Interiorscape professionals’ expert knowledge and creative input, Interior Designers can create long-lasting functional, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy designs that elevate their projects beyond what is possible alone.

Interior Design with Plant Solutions

Transform your office space with the perfect blend of style and nature. Discover the art of interior design with our team of plant experts, who will guide you in creating a lush and harmonious environment. Embrace the soothing presence of greenery while elevating your space to new heights. Join us on this botanical journey and let your office bloom with vitality.


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