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4 Oct | Biophilic Design, Indoor Landscape

In the heart of the downtown Scottsdale entertainment district is the Senna House Scottsdale hotel, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton. A self-proclaimed urban oasis, this boutique hotel created its relaxing environment with the help of Plant Solutions.

Senna House opened its doors in December of 2021. After learning about Plant Solutions online, they reached out looking for a way to create a more bohemian, intimate feel within the hotel and the onsite restaurant CALA. “We were building from the ground up,” shared lead designer Brad Heinicke. “We worked closely with the owner and the hotel designers, House of Form, to come up with a design that would really work with their space. We used live plants when we could and artificial to fill in the rest.”

Of course, a design never stays as planned for long. Due to product and supply chain delays, Plant Solutions had to be flexible and get creative to bring the Senna House vision to life. And as Brad got more familiar with the space, it became clear that some original ideas wouldn’t work well within the hotel and restaurant.

“Sometimes the Senna House designers would fall in love with a certain pot or container that was larger than we had planned for. Or sometimes there wasn’t as much light as we previously thought,” explained Heinicke. “There we lots of changes but we love the end result!”

In total, the team at Plant Solutions installed 170 live plants and 225 artificial plants inside and out. To add a variety of texture and color, both desert and tropical plants were used. This mix of plants also created a true oasis-like feel to the space, which has become one of the most Instagrammed spaces in all of Arizona.

Plant Solutions has another project planned with the designers behind Senna House and CALA in Tucson, The Leo Kent hotel. The grand opening is planned for January.

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