Have Happy Houseplants with Help from the Pro

Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting out, keeping your indoor plants healthy and thriving can be challenging. Lucky for us, Joe Zazzera, founder and co-owner of Plant Solutions in Scottsdale Arizona, recently shared his expert advice on the Home Design Chat with Nancy podcast. Listen to the podcast episode here:

The Power of Collaboration

Why the best Interior Designers partner with Interiorscape Professionals As an Interior Designer, have you ever walked into a space and felt something was missing? Despite the perfect color palette, great lighting, forward-trending furniture, and tasteful decor, the room still felt empty and lifeless. That's where even the most experienced Interior

The Power of Indoor Plants and Quantifying Nature for Optimal Health

Are you looking for ways to prioritize your mental and physical health? We all know that eating well, exercising, and caring for ourselves is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what if I told you there was another component to consider, one that is just as important but often overlooked: Nature! The rise

Top 5 Low Light Indoor Plants

How to enjoy low light indoor plants — no green thumb required Any room can benefit from a little greenery. If the idea of keeping a plant alive seems daunting, you may be surprised to know that many low light indoor plants are easy to care for and can withstand a bit of neglect. This

Naturally protect your indoor plants from summer pests

Expert advice from our pros on how to get rid of pests on household plants without using harmful pesticides Discovering pests on your interior or exterior plants can be both disappointing and frustrating, leaving you to wonder how you can save them. The good news is that there are some fantastic, natural options to get

How to Water Your Plants Properly

Spring is an enticing time for people to bring fresh greenery into their homes. Perhaps it is the desire to reconnect with nature after the winter months, but according to Garden Center Magazine, 41 percent of independent garden centers report their largest sales of houseplants during the season. With the increase in sales comes an

Managing COVID-19, Ensuring Plant Health

We all know about the cancellations due to Coronavirus fears – no March Madness, no NBA, no golf tournaments. Disneyland is closed, Coachella has been postponed until later in the year, even the Boston Marathon has been postponed. While very difficult, these decisions are the right ones for public safety. Viruses can spread rapidly, particularly

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