We’re in “AWE” of the New Science Breakthrough in Biophilia

Discovering the Role of AWE in Biophilic Design and Well-being The key to better understanding why nature feeds our soul is in the science of biophilia. While traced back as far as ancient Greece, the actual study of biophilia is relatively new. Breakthroughs in the science continue, in fact, a significant one was just made

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The Upkeep of Plant Walls: Plant Solutions’ Irrigation Solution

Beyond Aesthetics The Benefits of Plant Walls Plant walls are striking and memorable. But there’s more to them than photo backdrops and "Instagrammable" content, much more. They improve air quality, reduce noise levels, and provide a calming backdrop to any environment. They work hard to improve a space so it’s important we work hard

Light, Water and Air: The Science Behind Plants

Understanding how your plants work can keep them healthy. And, honestly, we find it so fascinating -- it’s why we do what we do! Caring for plants doesn’t take a green thumb, just understanding them better does. Let’s start with the basics. Through photosynthesis, plants can turn sunlight into sugar, which acts as energy for

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How the Biggest US Companies are Integrating Biophilic Design into their Headquarters.

The connection between nature and well-being is no longer a theory. Harvard physician Eva M. Selhub said, “Nature stimulates reward neurons in your brain. It turns off the stress response, which means you have lower cortisol levels, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and improved immune response.” In short, bringing nature into your workspace is

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The Truth about Pets and Plants

House plants allow us to bring the outside in. For many, being close to nature is calming and influences our mental state. Plants purify the air and reduce the number of harmful substances that we breathe in. They can help turn a house into a home and create a personal respite from the rest of

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CALA Senna House

In the heart of the downtown Scottsdale entertainment district is the Senna House Scottsdale hotel, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton. A self-proclaimed urban oasis, this boutique hotel created its relaxing environment with the help of Plant Solutions. Senna House opened its doors in December of 2021. After learning about Plant Solutions online, they

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How Biophilic Design Benefits Learning Environments

We’re all looking for ways to be less stressed – yoga, meditation, you name it. What if we told you that being around plants was a proven way to relax? A study in 2003 by Nancy Wells and Gary Evans found that stress was lower among children that spent more time in nature than those

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Naturally protect your indoor plants from summer pests

Expert advice from our pros on how to get rid of pests on household plants without using harmful pesticides Discovering pests on your interior or exterior plants can be both disappointing and frustrating, leaving you to wonder how you can save them. The good news is that there are some fantastic, natural options to get

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Indoor Plants Help You Connect to Nature This Summer in Arizona

Indoor Plants Looking for a way to bring the outdoors in this summer? Indoor plants can help. While it may be too hot to enjoy nature during the summer months in Arizona, there are plenty of ways you can connect with the natural world inside your own space. Within the last few years, the world

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How Plants Help Combat Springtime Allergies in Arizona

If you’re living in Phoenix, you could be one of the more than 30% of our population who struggles with springtime allergies, and you might understandably look to avoid coming into contact with as many plants as you can. But did you know that some plants can actually help combat springtime allergies? We know it

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