Plant Solutions Brings Wellness to the Workplace Through Greenery Installations

20 Apr | Indoor Landscape, Press Releases

As many people begin returning to traditional offices, bringing nature into the workplace can provide myriad health benefits

Plant Solutions, a Scottsdale-based leader in interior landscape design, installation and maintenance, is encouraging business owners/executives, commercial building managers, interior designers and architects to rethink the traditional office space, as many employees are returning to work after working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This public health crisis disrupted the workplace for more than a year, and both employers and employees are introspectively looking at how and when to return to an office space.

“This is a critical time for asset managers, asset owners and the design + build community,” said Joe Zazzera, founding principal of Plant Solutions. “There is an opportunity to prepare for post-pandemic life, today. We want employees to feel as safe and comfortable working in-office as they do at home, and plants can help out with that.”

The 2020 Workplace Sentiment Survey conducted by CBRE Group, Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, revealed that while 90% of employees say remote work is productive, 60% want to return to traditional offices for community and collaboration. And 72% of those surveyed said they prefer to work between one and four days per week in a traditional office setting.

The interiorscape company cites sources compiled by Silverado Roundtable, a group of workplace greenery experts, that say having plants nearby helps impress clients, attract talent, increase energy, enhance productivity, reduce fatigue and improve mental health.

“Plants improve our workplaces.”

“There’s significant research on the advantages of greenery in the workplace, and being exposed to nature in your everyday life. Plants and interior greenery aid in positive emotional well-being for the workforce,” added Zazzera.

The World Health Organization says that 19% of factors that affect our health and well-being are directly related to the built environment, and that architects and designers are integral in protecting public health, thus creating a rare opportunity to create the optimal environment for a workspace as the public health crisis recedes.

People have found themselves happier and more productive working from home in an environment that is safe and customizable to them. Employees want to continue to feel comfortable, and employers would like people to be back together at work in an environment that suits everyone. A survey from the Washington, D.C.-based global data intelligence company Morning Consult in August 2020 revealed that out of 1,123 remote employees:

  • 40% said they spent more time outdoors
  • 86% said they were satisfied with remote work
  • 75% said their productivity was the same or better
  • 60% said remote work improved their health
  • 20% said they wanted to return to an office full time

Workers who want to work in-office again need a space that allows them to do that. Plants are an essential part of a healthy working environment, and it is key for design professionals to incorporate more greenery into the office remodeling process, post-pandemic.

About Plant Solutions

Celebrating 40 years in operations, Plant Solutions is an interior landscape design, installation and maintenance company. Founded in 1981 by Joe Zazzera and with partner Pat Mahan joining later, Plant Solutions provides design and installation services, as well as ongoing horticultural service, MossWallArt, plant rentals and living plant walls in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and surrounding cities. For more information, visit: or follow our Instagram or LinkedIn feeds.

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