Interior landscaping is the art of designing, installing, and caring for plants in an enclosed environment. Interior landscaping creates an overall pleasant environment by using natural colors, focal points, ornaments, and sculptural elements. The indoor space gets “landscaped” by adding plants and planters to soften the angles of the room or to accentuate an architectural feature.

Landscaping is a word that most likely makes you think of the outdoors. Enhancing outdoor space by adding plants, flowers, or other natural structures to improve the appearance and curb appeal is landscaping.

People like landscaping in general because nature gives off a serene experience and is visually pleasing. With interior landscaping, you don’t have to go outside to feel the benefits of nature. Using living plants and artistic designs interior landscaping can create a natural environment that feels good to be around.

When you visit the mall, hotel lobbies, atriums, or upscale office buildings you probably notice greenery as part of the design. The possibilities with interior landscaping are endless and will enhance your business and bring out your brand and personality.


Interior landscaping will beautify your space but also brings many physical and mental health benefits. Plants, trees, and nature are essential to our ecosystem because they produce more oxygen-rich air by removing carbon dioxide. Adding Interior landscaping to your business will improve the indoor air quality by making it more oxygen-rich and eliminating harmful toxins. Plants will also help you save on energy costs because they keep the air temperature down and naturally increase humidity.

Being around nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity amongst employees while creating a happier environment overall. Because plants make you feel calmer and more comfortable, employees who work in a natural environment have reduced absenteeism, reduced discomfort from minor ailments, and recover quicker from illnesses. Interior landscaping also reduces background noise improving concentration.

When used in a retail setting, adding interior landscaping has been shown to increase the time shoppers spend in the store by half an hour. The more time people spend in a store, the more money they tend to spend.


Indoor landscape costs vary based on the project size and scope and could be anywhere from $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monthly maintenance fees begin at $150.

Paying for interior landscaping maintenance is a hassle-free way to guarantee your investment. A horticultural expert will provide all of the necessary care for your plants and replace them when needed.

If you are considering bringing interior landscaping to your business, call us today to set up a consultation. One of our plant experts will come to your location to evaluate the space and the environment to help determine an interior landscaping design. They will assess the unique conditions of your space to decide which plants will work best.

When you come to us for your interior landscaping needs, we are with you from step one. From designing to installing to maintenance, you can rely on the experts to protect your investment.

Where can I find the best Interior Landscaping 

Plant Solutions provides the best interior landscaping around Phoenix, Arizona. We have been leaders in plant design since 1981. We value education, and our employees are highly trained in horticultural services. Because of this, we can offer quick turn around and have a high level of customer satisfaction.

Interior landscaping will benefit your business in many ways. It is a cost-effective way to improve the look of your interior. Having an eye-catching interior landscaping design will improve your employees’ satisfaction with their job and provide a more comfortable environment for customers. These factors will help drive your business forward and help you stand out from the competition.