Ways to Combat Wintertime Blues in the Office

23 Dec | Natural Wellness, Plant Health & Wellness

Winter is in full swing and that means colder temperatures, less daylight, and for many Americans, less time outdoors. These changes can have a profound impact on health and happiness going into the holidays.

Did you know that four to six percent of people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter? And according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, another 10 – 20 percent may experience mild symptoms throughout the colder months.

At Plant Solutions, we believe in the importance of bringing nature inside to boost physical and mental health and wellbeing. Here are four tips you can put into practice in your office space to beat the blues this season.

Let in natural light

It can be tempting to keep the blinds closed in the winter, but keeping natural light in your routine may help keep your serotonin levels up during the winter months and, in turn, keep SAD from setting in.

Brighten things up with other lighting options

If your office has little or no access to natural light, you can turn to artificial lighting options to create a sense of sunshine inside.

Full-spectrum lighting mimics natural sunlight and there are a couple of options available to incorporate them into an office setting. Some companies may opt to switch to full-spectrum bulbs over traditional bulbs in the winter months, but if your company sticks with regular lighting options, you can invest in a light therapy lamp for your workspace.

Incorporate plants into your office design

Whether it is a few plants at your desk or the incorporation of a green wall, plants go hand-in-hand with lighting to promote nature indoors. Research has found that plants can reduce stress, increase productivity, and curb wintertime sicknesses.

There is no office space that can’t benefit from adding plants to the mix, and no office space that plants wouldn’t be able to thrive in. If you lack natural lighting, the full spectrum lighting from the tip above can also be used to keep plants happy and healthy.

Add colorful accents to your office space

Adding pops of bright colors to the office can boost your mood and your creativity, and there are many ways to break up the monotony of white office walls. Colorful wall décor and pots for potted plants are a great way to get those accents in, but did you know that there are also great color options in living plants?

Brightly colored plants can be incorporated into green walls and other indoor designs in order to create eye-catching, mood-boosting pieces that everyone can enjoy.

Plant Solutions has worked closely with clients providing interior landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for more than 40 years. Learn more about how we can create a green oasis in your space by visiting plantsolutions.com/services/design-and-installation.

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