Three Ways to Build Wellness in the Workplace

6 Jan | Biophilic Design, Indoor Landscape, Publications

The Importance of Wellness in the Workplace

Employees are the core of an organization and their experience within the company can have a direct impact on workflow and profit. Companies that put an emphasis on workplace wellness show a commitment to taking care of their people, which can lower stress in the office, improve morale and creativity, and decrease employee turnover.

Here are three ways you can build wellness among your employees, and how Plant Solutions can help.

Encourage connections

Implementing team activities or social time can lead to stronger connections between employees who might not make those bonds otherwise.

One way to promote connections is to incorporate “Wellness Wednesday” into your work week. Set aside a time and a place in the office where this weekly networking event can take place. We can help you design and incorporate green walls and pops of color into this space to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Encourage meditation and exercise

Meditation and exercise have positive impacts on physical and emotional health. In fact, a National Health Interview Survey shows that more than 18 million Americans meditate regularly in order to decrease stress and promote wellbeing.

Implementing weekly or monthly meditation and exercise classes or sessions can help employees tackle health concerns and create connections over a shared activity. Plant Solutions can help take a meditation and exercise space to the next level by focusing on indoor landscaping that incorporates greenery, natural or full spectrum lighting, and suggestions for other wellbeing features.

Encourage breaks

Going too long without a break can have a negative impact on employee productivity, health, and wellness. Not only does it contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, but staring at a screen for several hours a day can lead to eyestrain. A 2014 survey from the Vision Council, a trade group for makers of eye care products, showed 70 percent of respondents reported some level of eye discomfort throughout the workday.

Encourage employees to take breaks away from their desks by designing a break room that’s inviting to be in. Whether you have access to natural light or are relying on full spectrum lighting to recreate natural lighting benefits, we can help you incorporate greenery into your break room that will thrive and promote relaxation among your workforce.

At Plant Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping our clients create and maintain custom indoor landscaping and workspaces that showcase brand personality while promoting wellness. Learn more about our workplace wellness solutions by visiting

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