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Vertical Walls Are a Walk on the Wild Side

How often have you sought out nature because you knew you needed some relief or relaxation? When you’re feeling stressed do you find yourself daydreaming about hiking in the mountains or walking along the seashore? Have you ever thought about why that is? It’s simple: we are biologically hard-wired to commune with Mother Earth. Many of us have brought the outdoors into our homes, but what about into our office spaces?

According to a poll conducted by Future Workplace, the number-one desire of employees in North America is not a cafeteria, fitness center, or on-site childcare; it is, simply “access to natural light and views of the outdoors.” Plant Solutions can give your work environment even more than this with the addition of a living, vertical wall. The benefits of green walls and plant life in the home and office are numerous.

For decades, bringing nature into the office simply meant a couple of low-maintenance plants on the desk. However, the expanded understanding of bringing the outdoors inside has become so important that it has evolved into “an entire creative paradigm” for interior architecture and design. It is a trend that has taken hold. As you can see by the graphic above, plants improve health, productivity and concentration.

What is a Living, Green Wall?

If you’ve seen green walls used in innovative spaces, you already know how striking and beautiful the elements are. By bringing in a large element that incorporates nature, you break up the monotony of a corporate building that doesn’t have many windows or a lush green space outside the window. A vertical green wall system is designed using the right species of plants to ensure they stay healthy over time and continue to stay lush and green.

Incorporating vertical living walls into your space doesn’t have to be difficult. Because Plant Solutions is an expert in biophilic design, especially living vertical walls, we make the building of your living wall simpler than you might imagine. We know that the visual impact and physical benefits a green wall system brings to your space are unparalleled by any artificially created design accent.

Usually mounted on the interior or exterior walls of buildings, our vertical installations can vary in size and shape. They are made with a variety of plants that will thrive in your particular environment. As horticultural experts, we help you create a customized living wall to fit with the light, needs and personality of your own space. Of course, we also help you with any day-to-day maintenance requirements after your green wall is installed to ensure a vibrant and successful living wall.

Our Latest Living Wall

This month we are proud to highlight our latest living wall installation in the offices of Zovio, an education services company headquartered on Chandler, AZ. It is a refreshing, green space experience that provides all the benefits of nature indoors. Check out the images below to see its construction, and click on any image to see it full size. If you would like to elevate your next design by incorporating a living wall, Plant Solutions will take care of every aspect – from design and planning to installation and maintenance.

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Vertical Green Walls are Sprouting up Everywhere!

Eco-Friendly Vertical Green Walls

Vertical Green Wall

What do chic boutiques, renowned museums, swanky hotels, and private residences have in common? They’re all sprouting vertical green walls that many people consider true works of plant art! Whether inside or out, freestanding, or attached to buildings, vertical green walls are an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to bare, boring walls. They’re also a great way to use space that would normally be overlooked.

What is a Vertical Green Wall?

A living green wall or vertical green wall is a collection of plants in a structure that grows vertically. This green wall system can be freestanding, or it can hang on another structure or wall. Living green walls can be a range of sizes and designs. They can even be indoor or outdoor living walls. Learn more about vertical green walls below.

Benefits of Vertical Green Walls

Adding a vertical green wall to your space could be really beneficial. There are a lot of benefits to adding a green wall. Check out some of these benefits below.

Plants are Beneficial

A green wall or vertical plant wall is a great option for many different spaces because plants themselves are so beneficial. Plants are a great addition to a space for many reasons. One reason is that plants act as natural air filters in an indoor space. Plants absorb not only carbon dioxide but other harmful chemicals in the air and make it purer. There have also been studies that have shown that plants can improve productivity in the workplace. Plants improve productivity and focus by helping to calm and focus the brain. Research has shown that humans have a connection to nature, and this connection means that humans thrive when surrounded by nature and plant life.

Beautiful Interior Art

Another benefit of vertical green walls is that they can make for beautiful living art. Anyone can hang a painting on the wall of their office, but not everyone has a growing and living green wall in their business space. Vertical green walls can be indoor art to make your space more beautiful for business partners, employees, clients, and whoever comes into your space.

Options Abound

Indoor Plantscapes – Live Plants

Strategically placed individual live plants ranging in size from ground covering to small trees are what today’s vertical green walls are all about. But rather than sprouting from dirt in the ground, a carefully constructed and attached support system delivers water and nutrients to the many live plants, succulents, and other foliage that form the basis of these living walls. Practically any type of live plants, succulents, and foliage can be incorporated into these extraordinary plantscapes, including edible plants like vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and salad greens. There are so many options when it comes to indoor plantscapes, and living green walls. These options can be customized to fit your specific space.

No Place is Off Limits

As the trend in vertical green walls continues to soar, so do the heights of these impressive structures. Today it’s not uncommon to see entire sides of towering office buildings covered in lush live plants. Hotel lobbies and interiors are other areas where vertical green walls are common. Living walls have even sprouted up along sound barriers surrounding highways, on walls where you might otherwise hang impressive artwork, and believe it or not, inside urban lofts and office space. Large or small, inside or out, vertical green walls are sprouting up all over the globe, in locations and eye-catching designs never before imagined. Thanks to technological advances in landscape installation and engineering and the creative imaginations of plantscape artists, this is one sustainable idea that has definitely taken root and is guaranteed to thrive in the right environments.

Getting a Green Wall with Plant Solutions

Now that you understand some of the benefits of vertical green walls, you might want to get a green wall for your space. Plant Solutions is a plant services company that can build and install a green wall for you. Learn more about the steps to getting a green wall from Plant Solutions below.

  • Reach out to us.
  • Tell us about your space and your needs.
  • Check out our showroom of green walls.
  • Let us build your green wall.
  • We will set up a time to install your green wall.

At Plant Solutions, we make it easy for you to get a vertical green wall. Follow the steps above so that we can help you get a green wall for your space. Click Here to View Examples of Vertical Green Walls

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Barrel Cactus Living Wall

By | May 2010 | Topics: Living Vertical Greenwalls

[nggallery id=4]
The Barrel Cactus Vertical Living Wall was built-in Scottsdale, Arizona. Designed by Joe Zazzera, GRP, LEED and installed by the Plant Solutions Team in May this year, this project is a vertical living wall using golden barrel cacti and a custom-built frame. A. Dunham Workshop built the vertical frame out of steel. The intent was to create a piece of “living art” to draw attention to the entry of the Plant Solutions design showroom.
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There’s Opportunity in ‘Them There Walls’

favorite methods takes advantage of biofiltration

By Plant Solutions | July 2010 | Topics: Living Vertical Greenwalls

Joe Zazzera, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), is probably way too young to remember the cartoon character Yosemite Sam. Yet, like this Warner Brothers creation, he, too, sees golden opportunities. His, though, don’t reside in the western hills; they reside in urban landscapes in virtually every city in the country. Zazzera, president and CEO for Arizona-based Plant Solutions, is excited about transforming interior walls into plantscapes. “At one location, we’ve installed a small green wall to replace our client’s use of cut flowers,” he explains. “Live-plant walls are different, pique interest, and they are a practical use of available space.

“With real estate costs going up, architects are designing away atriums and other garden areas in favor of revenue-producing space. Live-plant walls don’t take up valuable space. They are also very attractive and functional, providing the same air-quality benefits that other indoor gardens provide.”

Zazzera notes that interior plantscapers can employ any of several different methods to install green walls. One of the favorite methods takes advantage of biofiltration. The green wall is constructed of a special, foam-like medium. Water is circulated through the medium via a small water fountain beneath the wall. In this scenario, the customer gets the benefits of two features — a green wall and a water feature.

“Green walls are new and exciting, and they’re not budget breakers for clients,” Zazzera goes on to explain. “In some cases, if you’re replacing cut flowers with a small, live-plant wall, the cost is already in the budget. On average, it will cost your clients around $100 per square foot for installing a green wall, or they can choose to lease one. As always, maintenance is key.”

Riding the Green Wave

Green walls are not the only new opportunities for interior plantscapers, says Zazzera, who is actively involved in trying to get interior plants into the LEED rating system. Installing and maintaining green roofs has potential for industry members, as well. “We already have a working relationship with architects and building owners,” he emphasizes. “The truth is that intensive green roofs, those that are heavy and require additional engineering to install, are less common today than their extensive counterparts.” In other words, you don’t have to be an architect or engineer to install every green roof, says Zazzera.

Green roofs come in all different shapes, sizes, and complexities. They do have their challenges, he emphasizes, not the least of which involve safety concerns working on roofs and maintaining plants in a sometimes hostile environment. A good place for beginners to start is to access the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Web site, The group is a valuable resource for learning about installing green roofs, and obtaining its Green Roof Professional designation will help interior plantscapers get their “foot in the door” of prospective clients.

The fresh opportunities presented by green roofs and green walls align with growing interest in sustainable landscapes and environments. As Zazzera relates, buildings already receive LEED credit points for having green roofs that reduce water runoff, provide additional insulation, and reduce the heat island effect. He chairs an advocacy group that’s lobbying the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to award LEED credit points for interior plants, also. When that day arrives, he points out, green walls and green interiors overall will be even more attractive investments for building owners.

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