Fox Restaurant Concepts Taps Plant Solutions for Trendy Biltmore Locale Refresh

22 Apr | Biophilic Design

Lush Greenery Balances Bold Décor, Modern Accents at Blanco Tacos + Tequila

Every restaurant has a story, and it can often be told in its very design – providing a way for guests to experience a restauranteur’s narrative in a multitude of ways. Recently, nationally acclaimed Fox Restaurant Concepts called upon Plant Solutions to infuse new life into its trendy Biltmore location for Blanco Tacos + Tequila. The restaurant, known for its contemporary use of various woods, angular accents, and bold pops of color, needed a softer touch that complemented the modern arrangement inside, and offered a cooling touch to the patio outside.

Given three months to complete the installation, Plant Solutions got to work on the plan in January 2022. The project kicked off with a tour of the location to evaluate the space’s lighting conditions and overall layout, along with a survey of sunlight exposure and seasonal temperature changes on the restaurant’s patio.

Without any natural shade and direct exposure to the Biltmore’s expansive south parking lot, the outdoor plants would need to be hearty enough to thrive in several conditions. For this purpose, Elephant’s Food (Portulacaria), asparagus ferns (Asparagus densiflorus) and Indian Laurel Fig (Ficus microcarpa) were selected to reside on the outdoor patio – all known for their high drought tolerance and resilience to the intense Arizona sun. Grouped in various combinations to provide a variety of height and textures, the plants were placed in modern black planters to set a perimeter that would provide a sense of separation and seclusion from the otherwise bustling Biltmore Fashion Park.

Indoors, the client expressed a desire for lush, hanging planters housing trailing live plants above the tables. However, this method posed potential maintenance challenges and could become bothersome for diners seated below the live greenery. To address the challenge, the Plant Solutions designers recommended the use of realistic artificial plants to deliver the desired visual connection to nature while providing ease of care.

At eye level, a combination of Dracaena Lisa and sanseveria were chosen to dress the interior, contributing the perfect pop of green to thrive in the restaurant’s cozy, softly lit interior. Intentionally placed in areas around the bar and between booths to add color and height, the plants provided guests with a sense of peace and privacy from neighboring diners. While providing an intimate ambiance, considerable care was also taken to ensure that the added foliage complemented the interior without detracting from the restaurant’s existing aesthetic.
Through careful and meticulous planning, Plant Solutions was able to implement a thoughtful solution to Blanco’s challenge of providing diners with a connection to nature while enjoying the restaurant’s bold and lively atmosphere.

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