Color and Biophilic Design – The Power of Green

23 Sep | Biophilic Design

The color of the plants in your space play in important role in how they make you feel.

In case you didn’t know, here at Plant Solutions we are huge believers in the power of biophilic design! This philosophy has been found to support cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being. Have you ever wondered how this style of design can offer all these benefits? The color green may be your answer!

Color psychology is a growing field of scientific study that delves into why colors evoke certain psychological reactions, moods and emotions. Does a blue room make you feel calm? Do you feel hungrier in a red room? These are some of the effects that have been found to be anecdotally true. So, what are some of the effects you can expect from the color green?

Green is considered to represent purity, health and freshness. It is gentle and relaxing yet invigorating and inspires connection. It has even been found to slow down human metabolism and produce a calming feeling! This might be caused by the wavelength that creates the color green. Longer wavelength colors, such as red or orange, are considered arousing because our eyes have to adjust in order to see them. However, colors like green and blue are made up of shorter wavelengths that our eye can more easily interpret. Since our bodies don’t have to work as hard, these colors have a calming affect on us.

The color green is also associated with motivation and a high need for achievement. One study found that participants connected the color red with failure and the color green with success. Think back to your school days: how would you feel if your assignment came back covered in red ink? What about green? This is just a small example of how color can truly affect how we feel.

Plant Solutions is already bringing these benefits into offices and homes all around Arizona. For more information about the services we offer, click here.

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