Office Plants Can Help Increase Employee Retention Rates

14 Nov | Plant Health & Wellness

Workspace decorated with many healthy plants. Man and woman strategize unique business plan.

The Green Gateway: How Office Design Impacts Recruitment

On average, people will spend one-third of their working life in an office. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a correlation between office design, including plants, and recruitment! According to data from Saracen Interiors, 43 percent of candidates rejected offers from companies with uninspiring office designs. Another study by CBRE found that 69 percent of respondents would be willing to give up other benefits in exchange for a well-designed space. Clearly, candidates are looking for more from their workplaces.

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Increase employee retention rates with plants at the office.

Enhancing Employee Retention Through Office Design: The Impact of Plants

If you feel like your space is lacking, then we have an easy way to add life, color, and inspiration to your office – plants! Office plants are one of the most inexpensive ways to brighten up a room and they bring a whole host of benefits. For example:

  1. Office plants can play a role in increasing productivity.
  2. Plants can help boost creativity by stimulating the senses.
  3. Having plants in the office can help absorb background noise.
  4. Office plants can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  5. Plants help reduce energy use.
  6. Having office plants can send a message about your company’s values.

Plants can help you stand out as a potential employer. A study by BCO found that 90 percent of workers consider their workplace as a symbol of whether or not they are valued by their employer. Show candidates that you care about the time they spend at your company.

Greening for Success: How Office Plants Boost Employee Retention

Bringing the green is not only a great way to attract talent but it can also help you retain your employees! Which is no small promise – The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that, on average, it costs a company 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary to replace them. That’s tens of thousands of dollars! So how do plants do it? Aside from the benefits listed above, plants have also been shown to reduce sickness and absence rates by approximately 14 percent. Plants also clean the air, so they create a healthier environment for your employees.

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