Plant Solutions Named Best Landscaper by Arizona Foothills Magazine

24 Jan | Publications

Offers indoor design solutions that promote health and wellbeing

Plant Solutions, a Scottsdale-based leader in interior landscape design, installation and maintenance, is pleased to share that Arizona Foothills magazine has named the company the Best of Our Valley 2022: Best Landscaper.

“We are honored to be recognized for the hard work we put into transforming office and hospitality spaces for businesses and organizations around the Valley,” said Joe Zazzera, co-owner of Plant Solutions. “We strive to create indoor green spaces that foster the connection with nature which people might be missing when they spend most of their time in an office setting.”

The company brings the outdoor in by creating indoor plant installations with plants and planters that accentuate architectural features, soften the harsher appearances of the standard office, and offer removable and permanent options to fit client needs.

Plant Solutions offers several horticultural services, including:

Handcrafted MossWallArt™, which combines real mosses, natural wood and other organic features to create dimensional and dramatic visuals which complement the interior design of any space.

Freestanding or hanging plant walls can help promote a healthy mental and physical workspace. Horticulturists work with clients to ensure that each design incorporates plants that will thrive in their specific office environment.

Plant rental services bring indoor plants and greenery to homes and offices at a fraction of the start-up cost of buying an interior landscape, without sacrificing the quality in design, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Studies have shown that interior landscaping can decrease stress and negativity while increasing employee wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Plant Solutions uses a trendsetting design style called biophilic design to help clients increase their connectivity to the natural environment and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of indoor green spaces.

The AZ Foothills magazine selects businesses for inclusion on the list through a public nomination reviewed by a panel of judges to select finalists for the public to vote on in each category. The voting period for 2022 nominees was Oct. 1, 2021 – Nov. 30, 2021.

 About Plant Solutions

Plant Solutions has provided interior biophilic design services in the Valley for more than 40 years. Horticultural service specialists design, install and maintain indoor and patio green spaces designed to boost aesthetics and promote wellbeing and productivity in businesses. Learn more at


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