Patioscape Perfection: How Plant Experts Can Help Transform Your Outdoor Space with Biophilic Design

2 May | Biophilic Design, Indoor Landscape

Now is the time to enlist our plant experts for support! Whether you are in the phase of educating a client on the extensive return of investing in a biophilic designed patioscape or already creating a construction plan, partnering early on in a project with the professionals at Plant Solutions will streamline your process. Armed with decades of plant styling experience and Biophilia education, our team of specialists will guide your selection and placement of patio plants and planters to ensure a stress-free installation, impactful atmosphere, and long-term product integrity.

Foundation for Success

When using plants as a fundamental part of your patio concept, an early consultation with our Plantscapers will give you a head start on sourcing and minimize costly changes later in the project. Advanced planning for essential components such as irrigation, lighting, element exposure, and utility accessibility will prevent setbacks that could limit plant options, hinder maintenance success, and compromise the composition results.

Picking your Patio Plants and Placement

One of the most critical decisions is the collection of plants used to create the desired visual outcome and guarantee design longevity. Our extensive portfolio offers a variety of unique options beyond what you will find with a typical landscape company. Your client’s patio will literally come to life with our flower walls, green walls, hanging planters, and potted plant arrangements that are absolutely breathtaking when executed with the proper plant selection. When dealing with exterior patio plants, especially in harsh locations such as Arizona, there are many important factors to understand beyond the visual green aesthetics, such as climate, sun exposure, and maintenance resources. Underestimating any of these influences can have devastating and expensive consequences. You can entrust our horticultural specialists, who have extensive first-hand knowledge and understanding of how each plant variety will respond to these environmental variabilities, to guide you in the best placement and selection for plants to thrive without compromising the project.

Picking your Patio Planters

Planters are an excellent way to accent both plants and spaces. However, the size and scale of plants often determine the specifications of the container needed. If planters are intended to be a standout element and help pull the rest of the space together with a bold color, texture, or material, make sure to coordinate with an expert at Plant Solutions. Grow pots, sub-irrigation, roots, growing space, and soil must be considered along with the plant variety before containers are selected and purchased for installation.

Picking your Patio Planters

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience to lift spaces beyond aesthetics to something more meaningful by promoting your creative work in a way that nurtures the human biological need to connect to living things, also known as Biophilia. Our proficiency in transforming thousands of customers’ offices, restaurants, and homes with nature provides the expertise that will reassure your clients of the positive influence of biophilic design principles and the health and financial benefits they will receive in the process. Read our blog to learn more about “Why Biophilic Designed Patioscape is one of the best investments you can make this Spring”.

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