Nationwide Pop Culture Collectible Brand Calls on Plant Solutions for Natural Wellness in Its New Distribution Facility

29 Jul | Natural Wellness

Funko Inc. toy company goes green in its Arizona-based 958,000-square-foot-warehouse

Leading pop culture and lifestyle brand Funko Inc. came to Plant Solutions with a desire to feel a stronger connection to the natural world. Best known for their licensed vinyl figurines and bobble heads, the American manufacturing company wanted their warehouse employees to feel more in-tune with nature in an otherwise fairly austere setting.

Along with the addition of live indoor plants to benefit their employees, the Buckeye-based distribution center decided to go green with solar initiatives that will include 1,500 solar panels covering over 200 parking spaces for employees, visitors and customers, generating 1.24 million kilowatt-hours of power.

In May of 2022, Plant Solutions got to work on the holistic vision for the collector’s hotspot. The goal was to transform the interior into a park-style setting with live plants that grew from the concrete floors. Throughout the facility, undergrowth tree plantings of different shapes and sizes filled the walkways to mimic a pathway one would see while taking a stroll outside.

The feeling of the enormous building was softened with ten 12-foot lush trees including the broadleaf and evergreen Ficus Lyrtata, the large, leathery, banana-shaped Amstel King, stunning hues of emerald green from the Ficus Moclame and the unique, woody and vibrant green vines of the Ficus Audrey. Additionally, 14 rectangular box planters filled with yellow-green stripes of Sansevieria lined employee walkways to maximize wellness and create a tranquil reprieve during the work day.

Throughout this environmental makeover, Plant Solutions was faced with the challenge of utilizing enough greenery as to fill the entire warehouse adequately. With such endless space, the leaders in biophilic design wanted to ensure the indoor plantings were visibly seen and enjoyed by all. Plant Solutions was thrilled to assist Funko Inc. in showing value for employee wellness by providing a direct connection to nature indoors.

Interested in incorporating indoor plants into your business? Plant Solutions specializes in interior landscaping, installation and maintenance so your workspace can become a green oasis. Your employees will thank you for it!

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