Beyond Aesthetics The Benefits of Plant Walls

Plant walls are striking and memorable. But there’s more to them than photo backdrops and “Instagrammable” content, much more. They improve air quality, reduce noise levels, and provide a calming backdrop to any environment. They work hard to improve a space so it’s important we work hard for them too – giving them the right nutrients and water.

Maintaining the Health and Longevity of Plant Walls

Plants, like people, come in different shapes and sizes and varietals – all with different needs. Over time, Plant Solutions created our own proprietary system to irrigate plant walls with exactly the right amount of water and 24/7 monitoring. Yes, you read that right. Plants are alive and need to be tended to. Let Plant Solutions do the “tending.” With 42 years of experience, Plant Solutions is the trusted family doctor, specialist, and nutritionist for plants, all in one.

Plant Solutions' Irrigation System helps sustain plant longevity.
Irrigation systems by Plant Solutions help save water.

Plant Solutions’ Irrigation System

When Plant Solutions set out to build their own irrigation system, they placed equal value on minimizing the use of water and maintaining the health of the plant. Overwatering is far too common and wastes a precious resource that is in limited supply.

Minimizing Water Waste with Advanced Irrigation Systems for Plant Walls

Plant Solutions’ one-of-a-kind system uses direct and drip irrigation, combined with internet-based timers and moisture sensors. The moisture sensors provide the capability to water only the parts of the wall that need it, instead of constantly watering the entire wall. And since the timer is connected to the internet, it can be done anywhere in the world, automatically. Added bonus – if Plant Solutions installed the wall, you’ll need even less water because we only source tropical plants that don’t require a lot of water.

On average, plant walls are watered every 10 days to two weeks and the system runs only as long as it takes to water the plants. That means no excess water and a happy plant wall.

Learn More About Plant Solutions and Their Services for Plant Walls

At Plant Solutions, we are dedicated to keeping plants healthy and looking good. Whether that is through installing an irrigation system or watering plants manually, we’ll do the work to create a beautiful piece of living art. Visit to learn more.

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