Holistic Nutritionist in Paradise Valley Turns to Plant Solutions for the Atrium of Her Dreams

14 Jun | Biophilic Design, Indoor Living Walls

Breathtaking centerpiece serves as the heart and soul of native Michigander’s home

Paradise Valley resident and Plant Solutions client Erin D. came to us with a yearning to feel a connection to the home she left behind in Michigan. Accustomed to lush greenery and rich, cool tones, Erin wanted to combine the benefits of nature from her former home with her present. In March 2020, as her home was in the construction process, we began working with her to design a living plant wall for her indoor atrium. For Erin, this was a long-time dream realized.

“I was looking for something that embodied what I was missing from where I grew up, but with an Arizona twist,” said Erin. “In a state that has very neutral and brown tones, the pop of lush, vibrant green plants was exactly what I needed to feel more at home.”

Plant Solutions used more than 500 plants to create this 168-square-foot lush living wall, ranging from gorgeous heart-shaped Green Jade Pothos and vibrantly striped Warnkii Lemon Lime, to moody green shades of Philodendron Brasil and effervescent bursts of Philodendron Neon. As part of Erin’s atrium, the serene, yet show-stopping wall lives in the center of Erin’s residence under a sunny skylight, able to be seen from all angles of the tranquil, Northeast Valley home.

Through the many obstacles of homebuilding during a global pandemic, Plant Solutions planned and executed this residential project in a span of over two years  working in phases around various construction restrictions. When first presented with the idea of a living plant wall in this size and capacity, Erin expressed concerns over how she would be able to keep up with its maintenance.

“I had a vision for this wall in my atrium, but I was unsure of who would properly take care of it while I was away. It was so large that I started asking myself what caring for it would look like. I was wondering if it would be able to survive in the given environment,” said Erin.

Happily, we worked with Erin to design a wall that uses plants with similar requirements and that would thrive in the indoor atrium. When the project was completed in April of 2022, Erin couldn’t have been more ecstatic for the new piece of living art that would provide her with the familiar feel of her home back in Michigan. As horticultural plant experts, we also devised a regular maintenance schedule to visit Erin’s home to water, trim and provide upkeep to the 500 plants.

“Every time I look at this incredible living wall, I feel so at peace. Being around it makes me feel more grounded and its created a sanctuary that promotes tranquility in my home,” said Erin. “It’s truly a stunning wall and I’m so grateful to have it. When friends and family stop by, it’s always their favorite piece.”

If you’re interested in incorporating biophilic design into your home through a living plant wall like Erin’s, you can learn more about them and all of our services here.

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