Plant Solutions Is Your Holiday Decorating Solution This Winter Season

28 Apr | Biophilic Design, Holiday

Summer means Santa, snow and sparkles for the leader in biophilic design

During the spring and summer months, it’s normal for people to have holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day at the top of their minds, or maybe they’re focusing on summer vacation plans with family and friends. However, for Plant Solutions, these warmer months are the time to start prepping for a busy holiday season.

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You may not know it, but beyond custom plant and moss walls, biophilic design and plant rentals, Plant Solutions provides customized holiday installations complete with set-up, delivery, removal and preservation of your decorations for the most wonderful time of the year.

To meet customer demand, Plant Solutions Designer Brad Heinicke says the company starts contacting clients as early as June to assess how they plan to continue their holiday decorating services.

“It’s important to know if the client has any changes, additions or subtractions to their existing contract with us from the prior year,” says Heinicke. “From there, we begin with any necessary repairs to the holiday products, then start creating new designs and addressing installation concerns around September.”

The biophilic designer emphasizes that every installation is different and needs attention based on a number of factors. The team has to take into consideration how large the project will be, along with all of the pieces needed to create a timeless holiday feel.

“New design projects kick off with a client meeting and examination of the space that needs to be decorated, then we cover the decor’s color and scale,” says Heinicke. “Some installations are for residences and are smaller in scope, while others may be large commercial installations with five lobbies requiring huge trees, wreaths and garland to be installed all throughout.”

So how does Plant Solutions bring all of these magical designs to life in just a four-month window? Heinicke says every design is completed in one of their signature holiday color and design combinations prior to delivery. Themes like the “Winter Luxe” bring icy and silver tones to sparkling wreaths, while “Crimson Cheer” brings the warmth of Christmas reds to towering trees that stand out in any office lobby or foyer.

The earlier these festive masterpieces come to life the better. Like many businesses post-pandemic, extra time to plan and implement a design is appreciated due to lingering international labor and supply chain issues.

“We urge clients wanting our holiday services to book in advance this year,” says Heinicke. “Our team needs time to order materials, check availability, execute any design or color changes, make repairs and fulfill client decor needs.”

If you want your office or home to look spectacular for the holidays but can’t spare the time and effort required, contact Plant Solutions to plan your décor in advance. They’ll design a tasteful theme suited to your preferences and budget, allowing you to enjoy the season to its fullest!

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