Renowned Biophilic Designer Sonja Bochart Partners with Plant Solutions to Help Clients Connect with Nature

24 Mar | Biophilic Design

Sonja Bochart is a biophilic designer, as well as speaker, educator, and writer, with over 25 years of experience creating healthy and meaningful environments using natural elements. She uses the principles of biophilia, biophilic architecture, sustainability and mindfulness to create all-encompassing places of wellness.

“One of the aspects that I enjoy most in my work is helping to create a place where a person feels better leaving than when they came in,” says Bochart.

Bochart and Plant Solutions Founder Joe Zazzera have been working together for several years incorporating plants into indoor and outdoor installations for clients. Most recently, the pair worked together on a Tempe-based building for a client who was committed to nurturing the health and well-being of employees and occupants but didn’t quite understand the value of live plants in a workplace setting.

“Plant Solutions was able to be a proactive team member and help the client understand details such as plant maintenance and cost considerations to really make sure the plants will thrive,” says Bochart. “They come to the table not only as providers of beautiful plants, living plant walls and vegetation within the indoor plant design arena, but as creative partners that support my clients from day one.”

Bochart says humans are estimated to spend over 90% of their time inside, with a large portion of that time in an office setting. To help her clients achieve a balanced connection with nature, she often works in tandem with Plant Solutions to design distinctive settings by using unique plants and materials to foster a natural connection with the built environment.

As biophilic design becomes more and more popularized, Bochart believes people are starting to realize that they feel better in surroundings that incorporate nature’s patterns and floras and have access to the outdoors.

“People simply feel more alive in these types of environments,” says Bochart. “Every design is unique and has an essence to be expressed through biophilia.”

Together, Bochart and Zazzera aim to support health and well-being in a variety of locations from office buildings and towers to lobbies, hotels, restaurants and even private homes.

According to Bochart, “having a partner like Plant Solutions helps to amplify a project and really emphasize the value of biophilic design. Utilizing Plant Solutions as an extension of my business helps to ensure that every installation is successful, beautiful and one-of-a-kind.”


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