Our Biophilic Design Highlight in Phoenix

4 Apr | Featured, Indoor Landscape, Indoor Living Walls, Publications

The owners of Renaissance Square in downtown Phoenix knew they needed to do something to compete with surrounding businesses and office complexes. They were committed to a vision of creating a classic and timeless space through an environment designed with multiple natural elements. To complete this project they enlisted biophilic design experts, Plant Solutions.

Designers instinctively draw on nature as a source for their designs and biophilic design brings a more conscientious and evidence-based application of natural principles to the building and office space.

If you ever go see the Renaissance Square, take note of the use of natural materials and colors, daylighting, glass, nature-replicating artificial lighting, access to and views of the outdoors, partitioned or refuge spaces, and especially the plants, living walls and MossWallArt™.

Renaissance Square created a presence that is getting noticed and has “elevated the expectations for common spaces and design for the surrounding downtown Phoenix area,” says Alissa Franconi, Associate Principal.

Biophilic design is proving to be a differentiator in any marketplace and Plant Solutions’ 39 years of experience was instrumental in bringing forth the economic and health benefits of biophilic design through this project. Everyday we support individuals and organizations to express in very concrete ways their commitment to the environment and sustainability, which translates to greater creativity, well-being and productivity in the workplace.

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