The Magical Power of Nature

Thinking back over time, some of the fondest, most soothing, memories involve connecting with nature. If you have ever set foot on a wooded mountain, waded through a running stream, or walked along the beach as the sandpipers are scurrying away from the waves, you have experienced the amazing euphoria that comes from connecting with nature. Our minds feel clearer, freer and our thoughts are renewed. We become inspired. There is a general sense of wellbeing and cleansing that cannot be achieved from man-made sources.
Humans have this innate need to connect with nature, which is known as ‘biophilia’. If nature has escaped you these days, with a little effort, you can learn how to weave a stronger natural connection back into your life.
What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia literally translates to “love of life”; it’s the idea that this fascination and communion with nature stems from an innate, biologically-driven need to interact with other forms of life such as animals and plants. Biophilic Design is the practice of connecting people and nature using natural resources to generate a sense of harmony between modern-day building and the natural world.
According to scientists and public health researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell, being more connected with nature can help to reduce our stress, anger, blood pressure and depression. Connection to plants and animals and natural surroundings, also increases our positive feelings and creativity. Think about how you feel when you walk into an office and see an aquarium with colorful fish, lush greenery, water features and abundant plants. Look further to find natural surfaces, like, wood, river rock and moss. Compare this to a sea of concrete and manmade materials under florescent lighting with metal furniture and fixtures and there is no comparison.

Biophilic design is the perfect place to turn whether you want to add more natural elements to a shabby chic space or are looking to boost productivity in your workplace. It’s sustainable and with a focus on health and wellness, this trend is not temporary.

The swift growth of the largest cities around the world has come at the cost of the natural life that previously existed in those areas. This rapid change in the last 50 years, has made us disconnect from our natural instincts. In terms of the modern workplace, this often has led to unhappiness, stress, illness and other issues.
How do we reconnect with nature in our everyday lives? Start by finding ways to introduce nature back into your work and home environments. Incorporate natural light, plants and images of animals or nature. You can also utilize natural shapes, lines, and forms that appear in nature. Think about ways to encourage nature to flourish in and around your workplace and home. These might include arches, vaults, rock shelves, water paths, and other items that naturally occur.
The human-nature relationship involves re-creating the bond between humans and nature; it is about fixing a relationship that has existed for thousands of years which overtime has become forgotten.
By making a conscious effort to connect to nature, you too can regain the joy, inspiration, and well-being that is a direct result of Biophilia being strongly present in your life.