Benefits of Incorporating Live Indoor Plants in the Hospitality Industry

23 Dec | Indoor Landscape

As the hospitality industry continues to bounce back from the effects of the ongoing pandemic, many establishments are looking for new ideas to bring in first-time guests and build lasting relationships in the marketing funnel.

One way businesses can do this in the hospitality and service industry is to bring living art into your establishment through indoor landscaping. Including plants can promote health and wellbeing among patrons and staff alike.

Here are four benefits to incorporating green walls and plants into your business:

Create a relaxing environment

Plants are known to increase air quality and reduce stress, while the addition of colorful plants can decrease boredom. Live plants are visually appealing for indoor spaces and help customers feel more at home in their surroundings. This holds true for hotels, shopping and dining venues and allows them to stand out as more welcoming places compared to competitors who rely on neutral color schemes and basic décor.

One overwhelming benefit to creating a relaxing environment in guest rooms, lobbies and stores is the potential for customer retention. Guests feel inclined to stay longer when they feel comfortable in their surroundings and the likelihood that they will become a repeat visitor increases, leading to…

Increase revenue per guest

Guest retention is not the only way green spaces can increase your revenue. Adding indoor landscaping can make your establishment feel more premium, and customers are prepared to pay more for goods and services when they feel like they are receiving a luxury experience. A study completed by the Journal of Forestry found that people spend more time shopping in places with greenery, will travel further to shop in areas with higher quality landscaping and will spend more on food goods and services in business districts with a high-quality tree canopy.

Green spaces also give guests the impression of sustainability. As green movements continue to grow, guests who value those movements are more likely to spend money at establishments that appear to align with their values.

 Grow marketing appeal

The role of plants in a hospitality space goes beyond human wellbeing. They also increase the wellbeing of your establishment. By adding living green walls, planters, or other landscape designs to your business, you create a place that is visually inviting for the guest.

Greenery decorated patios also increase the curb appeal of establishments with outdoor seating or shopping, particularly green canopies that let the customer enjoy being surrounded by nature without being directly exposed to the sun.

Plants can also be part of the company branding and boost appeal when a guest is looking at booking a room, reservation or appointment online. Marketing photos that include indoor landscaping elements can increase confidence that customers are getting their goods or services in a refreshing, healthy and clean environment.

Boost the mood and productivity of staff

Incorporating indoor greenery into your business doesn’t just benefit your customers and your return on investment, it also benefits your staff. A study from the US National Institute of Health shows that increasing contact with nature in the workplace can enhance workplace health promotion efforts by decreasing stress and boosting overall health.

When employees feel better in their surroundings, they are better equipped to meet the challenges of the workday head on and provide outstanding customer service.

At Plant Solutions, we work with clients to incorporate carefully chosen plants that meet the aesthetic and wellbeing needs of your company, staff and guests. Learn more about improving your indoor spaces or patios with custom designed plant walls and MossWall Art™ at

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