Three Ways to Build Wellness in the Workplace

Employees are the core of an organization and their experience within the company can have a direct impact on workflow and profit. Companies that put an emphasis on workplace wellness show a commitment to taking care of their people, which can lower stress in the office, improve morale and creativity, and decrease employee turnover. Here

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Two Bio’s – Biomimicry and Biophilia

Comparing biophilic design to biomimicry. When studying in the world of design, it is easy to mistake the terms biophilia and biomimicry as interchangeable. While both are founded upon a deep appreciation and growing understanding of nature, there are key differences between biophilic design/biophilia and biomimicry.   What is Biomimicry? According to the Biomimicry Institute, biomimicry

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The Biophilia Effect: Exploring the Healing Power of Nature

The Answer Lies in the Practice Picture the Fountain of Youth, endless personal energy and strong resilience. While great in theory, how do you create a lifestyle and habits that sustain a lifetime of well-being all while vitalizing the workplace? The last few years have magnified the importance of developing a strong and stainable work-life balance.

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Everything You Need to Know About Biophilic Design in 5 Minutes

The Magical Power of Nature Thinking back over time, some of the fondest, most soothing, memories involve connecting with nature. If you have ever set foot on a wooded mountain, waded through a running stream, or walked along the beach as the sandpipers are scurrying away from the waves, you have experienced the amazing euphoria

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