Holiday Decorating Services


Plant Solutions offers customized designs for the holiday season and any holiday or office event.

Decorating is a great way to present the holiday spirit to your family and clients.

If you want your office or home to look spectacular for the holidays, with a minimum of effort on your part, Plant Solutions provides holiday decorating services. We’ll design holiday décor to suit your tastes and your budget, put it up in plenty of time for parties, conferences and visitors, and make sure that the lights are always working—you don’t have to worry about it.

Set-up, delivery and installation is all handled by our highly trained staff. We will coordinate with your schedule to determine the best time. Our team of installers are always careful to protect from any damage upon installation. We remove everything at the end of the season and store it carefully at an even temperature until next year. Or you can choose a new holiday style each year. Either way, you can put all your energy toward entertaining, gift giving, or, of course, the work you do best.


Plant Solutions has been in the plant business since 1981.

Since then, owners Joe Zazzera and Pat Mahan have been helping make Arizona offices greener.


Plant Solutions also offers more than just plant rental services. We offer Living Plant Walls which are something we create for businesses that are looking for a beautiful piece of living art. Our designers and builders can make unique and custom plant walls depending on the space you have. We also have horticultural team experts that will maintain your plant walls and keep them thriving.

MossWallArt™ is another service we offer. It is a form of plant wall created by Plant Solutions. MossWallArt™ is made with 100% real mosses, lichens, natural woods, and organic features. It is a low maintenance version of a plant wall, and it can help your business show off its unique style as well as adding benefits for your employees. If you have any questions about Plant Solutions or how we can help you embrace plants in your business, reach out to us. Our expert staff is happy to answer any questions you have, and you are welcome to come down to our showroom to see the types of plant creations we can set you up with. We look forward to hearing from you.

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