What Type of Living Green Wall Do You Want in Fountain Hills?

What Type of Living Green Wall Do You Want for Your Space in Fountain Hills?

If you are looking to add plants and greenery to your Fountain Hills office space, you should check out the various styles of living green wall systems. Living green walls are made up of live plants, and are a great way to add a little extra life and unique decoration to your office. Green walls are also fantastic because studies show that bringing plants into the office is beneficial to your employees. Research states that when people are around elements of the natural world, they experience effects like increased productivity, boosted creativity, reduced stress, and improved focus. Learn more about how you can bring living green walls into your office space below.

Styles of Living Green Walls

What Type of Living Green Wall Do You Want for Your Space in Fountain Hills?Check out these styles of living green wall systems to determine which is the best option for you and your Fountain Hills business.

  • Freestanding WallFreestanding green wall systems allow you a little more freedom. This type of wall is designed and built to stand on its own and can be moved around to different places and locations in your office space. You can even use this type of green wall as a divider between desks or departments.
  • Wall with a Tray System A vertical wall system with trays is built to hang on a wall. The trays give the plants a place to grow. This type of green wall system is like an indoor living wall planter, and usually has an irrigation system that runs through it.
  • Wall with a Panel SystemA panel system for a green wall has plants that are pre-grown into panels which you can place into the wall in whatever pattern you would like. You can use this type of green wall system both indoors and outdoors.

These are three of the most traditional styles of living green walls, but there are also other options. For example, if you are looking for a maintenance-free green wall system, you can try out Moss Wall Art. This unique installation, created by our talented staff here at Plant Solutions, consists of 100% real mosses, lichens, natural woods, and organic materials. However, it does not require any watering or maintenance.

There are a lot of amazing options for green walls. Which do you think is the best option for your business? Learn more about adding a green wall system to your business below.

Adding a Green Wall to Your Fountain Hills Office

Adding a Green Wall to Your Fountain Hills OfficePlant Solutions specializes in the design and creation of green wall systems. We can create these walls and customize them to the style, size, and needs of your business. If you would like to add a green wall to your space, reach out to us for additional information and to begin the design process.

First, we will ask you about the type of green wall you are looking for. Then, we will get into some specifics about your office, including the proposed location and size of the green wall. We will also talk with you about your office environment so that we can determine what types of plants will work best in your space. Then, we will begin the design and creation of your green wall. The last step is setting up a time for delivery and installation in your Fountain Hills office space. Click here to learn more and begin the process today.

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