A key part of modernizing any project is including natural elements to create a smooth transition from outside to inside and bring certain calming elements from nature to the inside space. Regardless of whether you’re renovating a home or workspace, including more plants is a great way to make your surroundings feel lighter and brighter. The inclusion of plants also helps occupants feel more at ease and stay healthier. Plants can naturally improve the indoor air quality and by being around them, it can relieve stressful feelings and make guests feel more welcome and at home.

Despite the advantages that plants bring to an indoor space, some interior designers shy from including plant life in their designs. Including plants in a design may seem confusing for designers or architects without a lot of knowledge about plants, however, it can be easier than it seems. Here are some tips to make it easier to include more plants in your next renovation design.

Consider Using an Indoor Plant Design and Maintenance Service

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Making a simple, homely vertical wall design filled with rich plants ideal for indoors residential and commercial renovation

Home and office designs that include many plants can be held back due to an anticipated fear of ongoing maintenance. The building or homeowner might have reservations about how difficult it might be to keep the plants alive and thriving or replace them if they die. The simplest way to ensure that the interior continues to flourish is to plan on the use of an indoor plant maintenance service. Similar to using a landscaping service: these are some of the things this type of service would handle:

  • Care for the indoor plants: This service will ensure that the plants remain healthy and are getting all the light and nutrients that they need.
  • Maintenance of the indoor plants: This service will make sure that plants are pruined, watered, and cared for appropriately.

The main difference between an indoor plant maintenance service and a regular landscaping service is that our company handles the care and maintenance of the plants that are inside the building space. Regular visits from a Phoenix plant service can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how often care is needed. They will monitor the condition of the plants, alert the appropriate person to any plants that may be developing issues and assist with replacing any plants that may be sick or dying. By doing this the maintenance team can ensure that there have been no design flaws with plant placement or variety. This allows the owner to have the best of both worlds. They can have the enjoyable aspects of a design that includes plants, without having to take on the responsibility of caring for them.

Include Interior Plant Design in Your Plans

Planning to include plants in your renovation from the onset is the best way to ensure success in the finished product. This can mean partnering with an indoor landscaping or “plantscaping“ service to get expert advice on where to include plants and what components should be built into the home or office to keep the plants healthy. Planning will allow you to determine the best locations for your plants. You can include built-in planters and shelves that will allow plants to integrate with the design. Planning also allows you to integrate the technical elements that will keep plant life growing as time goes on. If irrigation or plumbing is required to keep plants healthy, it can be included in your renovation plans from the onset. This makes any electrical wiring or draining systems much easier to accomplish.

Redefine What You Consider to Be Office Plants

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If you are working on an office renovation, don’t limit yourself based on what plants you think will be easiest to include. There was a time that only certain plants were considered in office design due to their hardiness and low maintenance traits. With the advances of technology and the wide range of hybrid plant types now available, there are many more possibilities on the market and many different ways to highlight them within an interior design.

Plants no longer have to simply sit in planters and pots on the floor around the office space or directly in the window. With proper planning and execution, plants can add a stunning visual feature. If the plant you have in mind as inspiration isn’t right for this particular project, an indoor landscaping expert may be able to suggest another variety that gives the same look and has a better chance of surviving, so you still get the visual effect you want. Here at Plant Solutions, our team is comprised of horticultural experts who will be able to offer you a variety of options that will achieve the look and atmosphere that you want to create.

Choose Plant Solutions as Part of Your Renovation Plans

Plant Solutions can help you design, plan, and install any kinds of plants you may want to include in your indoor renovation project, whether it is a residential or commercial space. Call us when you start to plan your new renovation project. Our design team can discuss what ideas and plans you might have for the space as well as give you some advice and let you know what some of your ideas might entail. We will also give you some pointers on types of plants for the rooms you are enhancing as well as offer you our horticultural services to help maintain the new plants that you are looking to have installed in your home or work space. Contact us at 480.585.8501 and find out more about how we can help you with your renovation.