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Terra Firma Lawn and Garden is a professional and eco-friendly landscaping company, offering our services in Port Moody. We provide residential and commercial strata complex landscape maintenance. This includes lawn maintenance, aeration, power raking, weekly lawn service, gardening, weeding, planting, bringing in topsoil, rocks, etc. We also offer hedge trimming and pruning services, which are available both in the fall and in the spring, as it is important to keep your shrubs looking good.

When we service your property – commercial or residential – Terra Firma Lawn and Garden will come to your site with our trucks, equipment, trailers, tools, and more. To learn more about strata landscaping services in Port Moody, keep reading or contact us:

Terra Firma Lawn and Garden Strata Landscaping Services in Port Moody

Lawn Maintenance

The best way to keep your lawn healthy and to look its best during spring, summer, and fall, is to maintain it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Feel free to contact Terra Firma Lawn and Garden to learn more about our lawn maintenance services. We are happy to tell you about us, answer questions, and offer you a free quote on any strata landscaping services you might need.


Aeration is essential to enhance soil water uptake, improve fertilizer uptake, reduce water runoff/puddling, reduce soil compaction, and to improve resiliency and cushioning. If you are interested in aerating your lawn, let us know. We can get it done quickly and properly for you.

Power Raking

Over time, roots, thatch, stems, and more will build up under the surface of your lawn. All of this will affect your lawn’s health and ability to grow. We can power rake your lawn for you to give it room to grow lush and healthy.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shade tree in the part of your yard where you like to relax and read? Perhaps you would like to have pine trees to create a natural fence or apple trees. Well, Terra Firma Lawn and Garden can’t plant anything for, from plants to shrubs to trees.

Top Soil and Rocks

Choosing the best topsoil can ensure that your garden and or lawn reaches its full potential. We bring in topsoil by the truckload. We also can provide you with a large assortment of rocks that can be used to create a unique look in your lawn or garden.

Get a Free Quote Today

Terra Firma Lawn and Garden would be pleased to make your acquaintance. You may contact us by phone or by filling out the form on the Contact page of this website, which we have linked to below. We are sure that you will not regret hiring us.

If you want the best lawn maintenance in Coquitlam, choose Terra Firma Lawn and Garden. We provide a wide variety of landscaping services in Coquitlam. Indeed, our Coquitlam lawn and garden services are among the best you will find! Get a free quote today by clicking on the following link:




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