Many people are familiar with the 13th century philosopher and mystic, Meister Eckhart, who made one of the most compelling statements about gratitude about 700 years ago. “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Essentially Eckhart is inviting us to pause more often, and recognize the power of saying “Thank You” with our whole hearts.

These days it can be difficult for people to know gratitude, or to feel appreciation, as the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Yet it’s important to know that demonstrating gratitude has become a quintessential practice for a life of meaning, peace, longevity and health. It would seem that gratitude is like a Swiss army knife! It can be used in any situation, so this year why not focus on gift-giving the “Plant Gratitude” way?

The Perfect Way to Express Gratitude

Most of us have people in our lives that would enjoy knowing how much they are appreciated, or how grateful we are for their attitude, contribution to projects, collaborative efforts, leadership, or friendship. And while the gift of a plant may at first seem out of character, or not personal, think about this: it’s the perfect way to express your gratitude with style. It is a gift that is enduring, beautiful and will remind the recipient of your appreciation for many months to come. A little “Plant Gratitude” can go a long way.

At Plant Solutions it is important to us that we make sure people understand that these green beings we share our planet with provide many benefits, including helping us hang on to that holiday feeling for a little but longer, reduce stress throughout the year, and even transform a corner of the office into a zen refuge. We often walk through life not even aware of the plants around us, what they communicate and how they add meaning to our days.

Have Your Plants Express Your Meaning

Believe it or not, plants and other foliage all evoke from us emotions and creative ideas, ultimately helping us be more productive. The look, feel and colors of plants have their own meanings, and by surrounding ourselves with plants thoughtfully chosen because of what they symbolize, we support a positive and healthy office environment. Knowing this symbolism can help you pick out the perfect plant for whomever is the recipient of your gratitude and appreciation.

For example, an Air Plant represents freedom and creativity, whereas a Bonsai Tree speaks to harmony, wisdom and calmness. Know someone beginning a new chapter in their life? Why not show your appreciation for them with Bamboo, which represents good fortune and longevity. Want to thank the person at work who is focused, loyal, and always enthusiastic? Give them the gift of a Christmas Cactus.

As you pick plants for your certain people or spaces, stop to think about what it symbolizes and what energy the plant is bringing to the person and the environment. Of course the symbolism isn’t everything when selecting a plant, but it is fun to let the person receiving your gift know what it means – and by extension, what they mean to you. It certainly adds a wonderful personal touch, and the recipient of your gift will enjoy the gift that much more – knowing it was chosen specifically for them and how it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gratitude That Keeps On Giving

Now that you’ve shown your gratitude by giving thoughtfully chosen plants, let Plant Solutions help you maintain nature in your work space. As interior, horticultural specialists, we not only help you bring the perfect plants into your environment, we are highly trained and educated to properly care for your plants. We take ownership for their livelihood, so you feel confident that your plants will look healthy, vibrant and beautiful everyday.

Finally, Plant Solutions would like to extend our deep appreciation to you for another great year, for bringing nature indoors to support healthier living, and for being good stewards of the environment. We wish all of you a wondrous holiday season!

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