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Redmax Dealers Elberon Nj

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Yard safety is an important consideration when working with landscaping equipment and tools. At John Guire Supply Co., we advise our clients to use common sense when working with these items. As a trusted RedMax dealer in Elberon, NJ, we advise our clients to avoid actions and situations that may put them in danger when using their landscaping equipment and tools.

What are the general safety precautions for landscaping equipment?

For starters, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the equipment you are using. In addition, ask the sales representative at your local hardware store for safety precautions for the product you want to buy.

Refrain from actions that may put you or your family in danger when using landscaping equipment. In addition, make sure you are in the right physical state to use your yard tool or machine. If you are not in the right physical state due to sickness or injuries, keep off your landscaping tools and equipment.

Safety precautions for landscaping heavy equipment

When using heavy equipment such as chainsaws, trimmers, snow blowers, and rototillers, always clear obstructions before starting the machine. In addition, staying in the right balance and focusing on what you are doing are important precautions for your safety.

Be sure to stand on stable ground when using chainsaws and trimmers. This means that you should avoid using heavy equipment on ladders. Be aware of your stability and avoid raising heavy equipment above the shoulder level. Turn off the machine if you want to remove anything stuck in the movable parts such as the teeth of a chainsaw.

Pets or people should not stand near the machine during operation. Talk to your family and let them know that they should never approach you when you are operating heavy machines including power equipment.

Be sure to tie back long hair. In addition, if something is stuck in your power equipment, stop the engine altogether and use a stick, and not your hand, to remove the stuck object. Make sure no part of your body comes in contact with hot or movable parts of your machine.

What should landscapers wear?

What you wear before landscaping can make the difference between safety and injuries or losses. There are many types of landscaping gear.

Be sure to wear safety footwear with steel toecaps and non-skid soles. In addition, wear a helmet when working under trees or in places that have the potential for falling objects. Use safety goggles for protection against dust and debris.

A must have landscaping safety gear is sturdy gloves with grip. If you are working with heavy machines, consider wearing vibration-resistant gloves. Alternatively, wear plastic or rubber gloves if you will be handling fertilizers and landscaping chemicals.

Use ear protection including muffs and plugs when working with noisy landscaping equipment. In addition, put on light, long-sleeved pants and shirts to protect against harmful UV rays. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothes because they can get stuck in your landscaping machines.

When it comes to landscaping, John Guire Co. has the right tool or equipment for any job. Call our Redmax dealers in Elberon, NJ for the latest landscaping equipment models.

Redmax Dealers Elberon Nj
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