How to Get the Perfect Plant Wall Indoor – Your Top Plant Options

We love having plants around and inside our home. They freshen the air we breathe and look great with any stylish design. But plants take up space, and if you live in an urban space, then it might be challenging to find space for the home garden of your dreams.

Plant wall indoor

A ideal meeting room with a single plant wall indoor to increase the ambiance and decor of the overall office.

So, if you’re looking for alternative ways to cultivate a home garden in a compact apartment, then consider a living plant wall. Plant walls use up less water than a typical home garden and take up much less space. Follow our guide to get the look you want for your living plant wall.

Herbs and Spices for Vertical Gardens

A living plant wall isn’t just decorative. Consider installing one in the kitchen, and planting in it your favorite herbs and spices. Our designers love this living plant wall. It includes a chalkboard frame, so you can label each of your plants, in case you forget the difference between mint and basil.

Gallery Living Plant Wall

If a whole wall of plants seems daunting for you, then consider a few smaller individual plants. These hanging indoor plants are a great way to create a gallery green wall of plants. Go for a monochromatic look, or mix it up with a collection of various styles.

Nurturing the Green Thumb for your Vertical Garden

When it comes to a living plant wall indoor, include a wide variety of plants for a compelling and textured vertical living wall. You can place a living plant wall next to the foyer, and included a variety of shrubbery.

Reclaimed Wood Green Wall

Working with reclaimed organic materials is a great way to give your space a chic, rustic look. This green wall comes in an old wine crate and looks great in a shabby chic space.

Drip-Line Irrigation Feed Vertical Gardening

Living plant wall

A contemporary office design with living plant wall creating a captivating space for work.

If you have time to constantly and thoroughly water all your plants around your home, then we envy you. But if you don’t have all that time, or tend to forget to water, then consider a plant wall with a drip-line irrigation system. This Irrigation feed connects to your hose, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them.

The Moss Plant Wall

If the plants in your green wall are a bit high maintenance, then consider a living moss wall. This moss wall is designed to create a mini oasis in your home, without stressing you out about having to water your plants.

Succulent Living Plant Wall

And if the moss is still too high maintenance, then this may be a great pick. Succulents are desert plants that look great in highly contemporary homes and are extremely water efficient. Folks, it doesn’t get more low maintenance than this.