Office Plant Rental Services

If you manage or own an office building or workspace, you may probably be in the know that office plants, particularly blooming plants and living floral, make the entire office look better and offer benefits to employees as well.

We here at Plant Solutions have plant rental solutions available for you that will provide you with living plants to improve the interior design of your offices, improve the level of clean air, help reduce noise levels, and provide biophilic benefits across the office.

Office Plant Rental Services

a modern open plan office after the execution of successful office plant rental services

All without the plant maintenance concerns that come with trying to do it all on your own!

Plant Solutions interior landscaping designers can find the best solutions that match your business needs. Our office plant rental service will include our plant care specialists visiting your office to water, weed, and prune the plants. We also offer rotational services where we will replace the indoor plants with blooming flowers based upon the season.

If you’d like to discuss our office plant rental services, then contact your local Plant Solutions office today and discuss your interior landscaping needs and office plant rental with one of our designers.

Live Plant Rental

Although the biophilia principles indicate that just being able to see the colors of the outdoors helps, the best results really come from having live green plants and greenery around your workplace. This is because indoor plants provide clean air and oxygen into the air. Office plants provide sound dampening benefits so that your office isn’t too loud, which also improves the productivity of the office employees all the way around.

The only issue with having living plants around the office is tending to them. Living office plants take time to prune, water, and maintain. Our office plant rental services provide your office with plant experts who can water and maintain the living plants in your office. We will keep them pruned and trimmed, and when the plants run into problems and cannot be saved, we will change out the sick plants with new plants.

Plant Solutions offers a variety of plants such as succulents, trees, dracaena, orchids, palms, ivy, and figs, among others.

Office Plant Rental Services

Some customers want to make a bigger investment with their interior landscape with indoor trees. Living or artificial trees in a lobby, conference room, or the elevator area can really make your workspace stand out in terms of décor and interior landscaping. Living trees can thrive in an office space with sufficient lighting conditions, watering, and temperatures.

Indoor Office Plants

A woman lying under the tranquility of a well done indoor office plants collection and execution

Trees really add something dazzling and amazing to the lobby, atrium, or other communal areas around an office. They also really help provide the benefits of plants, clean air, produce more oxygen, and offer other benefits to employees.

Workplace plant maintenance

One of the major benefits of our office plant rental service is the expertise that comes with Plant Solutions’ designers. Our plant maintenance specialists know the nitty and gritty of taking care of living greenery. Your dedicated expert can tell how much water is necessary to keep the plants alive and blooming.

As part of our office plant rental service, we will provide you with regular plant watering and pruning. Our indoor plant specialists have the know-how to identify when there is a plant problem and either fix the issue or switch out the sick plants when necessary. Or, if you’re looking for some seasonal variance for your interior landscape, our specialists can replace plants based on seasonality.