Plant Solutions is excited to announce that MossWallArt is now the first and only interior art offering to achieve the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, earning a Declare label signifying freedom from red list materials(chemicals that have been designated as harmful to humans and the environment). The Living Product Challenge is a framework for manufacturers to create products that are healthy, inspirational and give back to the environment, and represents the most rigorous standards for sustainable manufacturing. The certification was announced officially at the 2018 International Living Future Institute’s (ILFI) annual unConference in Portland.

“We are deeply honored and excited to be recognized for our commitment to creating products that improve our quality of life and help ecosystems thrive,” says Biomimicry Professional and Plant Solutions founder Joe Zazzera. “Earning the coveted Petal Certification celebrates our commitment to pushing the envelope in design while being conscientious of the impact our products have on customers, employees, and the environment.”

The yearlong certification process is extremely rigorous, requiring exhaustive analysis of every material that goes into creating these large-scale art pieces and installations, followed by the elimination of red listed chemicals, glues, florist foam, and formaldehyde. “We were designing really beautiful moss walls,” says Zazzera, “and as biophilic design pioneers, it is critical that we be fully confident about the integrity of every single material that goes into their manufacture. Biophilic design is all about health and wellness, and reconnecting people to nature. It is important to me personally that MossWallArt be beautiful and functional as well as improving quality of life. Now, we can confidently say that our products function as elegantly as nature does.”

To ensure MossWallArt’s net positive impact on people, employees, and the environment, Petal Certification required that Plant Solutions be approved as a JUST organization––a social equity label that grades diversity, employee equity, safety, benefits, support of local non-profits, and stewardship in business. In addition, all MossWallArt wood products had to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, through a rigorous Chain-of-Custody process that traces the path of the product from the forest through the supply chain to ensure that all products are sourced from responsibly managed forests and provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

“We are so pleased to be recognized for our team’s efforts to improve quality of life while nourishing a healthy ecosystem,” says Zazzera. “Many thanks to the Living Future Institute, A Greener Space, and our tireless Plant Solutions team for working to create MossWallArt that is healthy, inspirational, and that gives back to the environment. We hope our example inspires many more companies to commit to a healthy materials economy. Our future is worth it.”