Here we are again, in the midst of a season change, which means we are likely to be spending more time out in nature – and don’t we love it! We feel the pull to step away from obligations and “have-tos” in order to enjoy our environment. The change in the season reminds us life is changing and there is always more to experience in our world. Our minds and bodies know that in order to have a balanced life and maintain our health and well-being, we need to pause and practice a little self-care.

The same is true for the plants in our indoor environments, they too require some care and attention. While you are engaged in your own self-care, enjoying the change in season, this is the time to remember to change the way you treat your indoor plants – practice a little plant “self-care.” Because we know that indoor plant environments create workspaces that are less stressful and more productive, why wouldn’t we want to maintain the same level of care for our plants as we do for ourselves?

Plants offer a wide variety of benefits

We know having plants indoors offers a wide variety of benefits, including a 20% reduction in fatigue, 40% less coughing, and 25% fewer dry skin irritations. In order to create this sustained, healthier environment, plants require good maintenance to grow and thrive. Just as seasonal changes affect us, they also impact indoor environments, and the plants within them – almost as much as they do outdoor plants.

Plants are very sensitive to changes in the air quality, temperature, and humidity. As the heat and moisture content in the outdoor air changes, we change the temperature settings inside. As summer turns into fall, and fall turns into winter, many indoor environments, like offices and shopping malls, are warming their indoor temperatures for everyone’s comfort. Yet you may not realize you need to pay attention to how the plants are affected by these changes. It may seem silly, but ask yourself, “Are the plants comfortable with the changes in temperature and humidity?”

Sustaining a healthy work space

Keeping plants looking and doing their best requires skill and proven experience. Let Plant Solutions help you maintain nature in your work space. As interior, horticultural specialists, we not only know the perfect plants for your environment, we have been highly trained and educated to properly water, prune, feed, clean, and care for your plants. We take ownership for the livelihood of your plants, so you feel confident that your plants will look healthy, vibrant and beautiful – all day, everyday.

Our commitment to supporting you in creating and maintaining a healthy and peaceful work space is unparalleled. By engaging Plant Solutions as part of your indoor plant maintenance program, we can ensure you enjoy the positive effects of bringing nature indoors for years to come. Our experts will help your office plants grow and thrive, so all you will have to do is enjoy the plants – in any season.

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