Step by Step Living Wall Installation

For their aesthetic and environmental benefits, living walls are becoming an increasingly popular way to personalize interior spaces. Vertical green wall installation can be done in both interior and exterior spaces and are effective in commercial, industrial, governmental, educational, and residential settings.

Reasons to Install Living Green Walls

Living wall installation

A modern expression of living wall installations right next to nicely done finishes as the backdrop to modern living

Green walls have numerous benefits, including noise reduction and building insulation.

Studies have also shown that people surrounded by plants are happier and healthier and more productive, creative, and relaxed. Living walls also provide fresh oxygen and moisture to the environment and help clean the air by removing toxins.

Well-designed living walls will help you to not only improve the appearance of a home or workplace but also enhance the health and well-being of residents or employees. From a commercial perspective, a living wall can help to attract clients and potential employees by creating a good impression of a brand. In addition to these benefits, installing a living wall plays a role at sustaining the biodiversity of the planet.

Summary: Here’s what a well-installed green wall will do to your home or office:-

  • Purify the air and thus reduce fatigue, sore throat, Eye irritation, dizziness and aggravating conditions, such as asthma
  • Boost moods
  • Work for your small space
  • Help with noise reduction
  • Lower temperature and cut your energy bills
  • Improve productivity through more efficient decision making, higher levels of innovation, improved learning, Improved problem-solving and Enhanced employee mood

How to Install a Vertical Green Wall

Ways to Install a Vertical Green Wall

An excellent combination of modern office design and vertical green wall designs to create an inspiring meeting room

Designers and Contractors need to consider a few factors before commencing a green wall installation. The first is the nature of the watering system that will be installed to irrigate the green wall. Lighting is the second consideration. Many indoor green walls will require sufficient lighting for the proper intensity and spectrum for plant growth. Plant selection is also vital. A wide variety of indoor plant types are suitable for green walls, including annuals, edibles, succulents, perennials, and tropical plants.

Follow these basic steps to properly install a green wall system.

Step 1

Fasten vertical railing tracks to the wall to create a level mounting surface and to allow sufficient air circulation between the green wall and the building. Then install the horizontal railing tracks. These will later be used as mounts for the green wall planters.

Step 2

Hook up the irrigation feed system and test it to ensure even water flow. Next, install brackets along the irrigation system, then attach facing material (typically aluminum or wood) to conceal the irrigation feed.

Step 3

Install wall planter modules into the slots of the horizontal rails and then install plants. Water thoroughly.

Get Expert Living Wall Installation Help Today

While DIY plant wall installation might work for you, it takes expertise, skill and the right resources to create a signature custom living wall that offers all the benefits highlighted above. Talk to Plant Solutions’ Green Living Wall specialists today for the design, installation and maintenance of your vertical wall in Arizona.