Landscapes around the world are influenced by many different factors, including cultural influences, the types of materials readily available in the area and the plants that do well in the local climate. Taking inspiration from the way gardens and natural spaces are set up in other parts of the world is a great way to make your interior or exterior landscape look unique and stand out from others in the area.

Here are four international styles to draw inspiration from as you put your interior or exterior landscape together.



The Central Italian foothills are a popular place for Italians to escape the drama and traffic associated with Rome, so the region has long been associated with relaxation and stress relief. Tuscan design often incorporates a biophilic element by bringing the natural outdoor beauty of the region inside, using colors inspired by the nature in the region.

Many of the water features featured in famous squares and gardens throughout Italy were created during the Italian Renaissance period, which traces its origins back to Tuscany. Renaissance fountains were often statuaries, a fountain with an ornamental statue, from which the water flows. This provides the visual beauty of the artwork along with the natural movement and sound of the water cascading.


Opulence is the key when it comes to imitating the classic French style. Sometimes elaborate to the point of gaudiness, but never apologetic, French styling is designed to catch the eye. French styled features were often designed to be ostentatious and usually made of expensive looking materials, such as marble or gold. Famous gardens, such as the ones at Versailles, were constructed with waterways and fountains intertwined to encourage long walks. You may not have a large space but incorporating multiple elements can still work when they are proportionate to the overall size of the yard.

Asian Inspired

 landscaping Asian inspired

To those of us unfamiliar with the differing styles of Chinese, Japanese and other cultures, the word Asian lumps together many styles. Koi ponds, rock gardens, and Zen gardens all come to mind. In truth, some of these elements belong to the Chinese style, and some of the Japanese, with distinct differences in the way things are laid out

Homeowners who want to add a Chinese inspired garden should first spend some time familiarizing themselves with the art of Feng Shui, the classic Chinese discipline. Traditional Chinese gardens are composed of many elements, each placed in relation and harmony to the others.

The name of the Chinese art literally translates to wind and water, but it encompasses so much more than those two elements. Feng shui focuses on the orientation of elements together, to reach a harmonious balance. The art itself dates back thousands of years, with practice in China dating back to around 4000 BC. The simplest aim of feng shui is to achieve the balance between Heaven and Earth that provides a positive Qi, a type of energy. Throughout time, feng shui has spread from China to the western world, with many people using the guidelines to create a harmonious space.


Landscaping Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style conjures up a vision of shallow courtyard pools finished in blue and white tiles, standing out under the blistering sunshine. Here again, as with Asian style, the term is used as a catchall. The term “Mediterranean” refers to the style of a region of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, for example, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.

Mediterranean gardens and courtyards often incorporate a water feature. These are usually shallow, tiled ponds in straightforward geometric shapes, without many plants or extra adornment. When placed in a walled courtyard, the natural sound and movement of the water coming from a fountain or waterfall is amplified to make it even more intriguing.

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